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Summertime is the PERFECT opportunity to practice your powerless cooking skills. In fact, we even shared a post with 10 Ways to Practice Powerless Cooking This Summer several years ago. We always like to come up with fun events to incentivize force ourselves to actually practice what we preach. So this summer we are bringing back our Powerless Cooking Adventures but with an added community aspect to it which we are totally excited about!


Here’s how the adventures will work:

  • We commit to cooking AT LEAST once a week using one of our powerless cooking options which we will list below.
  • We will share our adventures via all our social media channels so make sure you are subscribed wherever you prefer to follow us:
    – Instagram
    – Facebook page
    – YouTube
  • YOU can join in the fun by posting YOUR powerless cooking adventures over on our Facebook group. There MAY even be prizes involved along the way.
  • We will also post lots of educational content throughout the month so make sure to keep checking the blog and also sign up for our newsletter list so you don’t miss anything!

Powerless Cooking Options

All-American Sun Oven – Cook with the power of the sun
Volcano Grill – Perfect for dutch oven or using a variety of fuels
HERC Tea Light Candle Oven – Cook indoors just like a regular oven
Helius Rocket Stove – Heavy duty rocket stove for major cooking or outdoor canning
Camping Stoves – Any small camp stove will be good to practice on
Butane Stove – We like this option for cooking on a stovetop indoors
Barbecue Grills – This should be an easy one to practice, so no excuses!
Cardboard Box Oven – Make this using household materials and cook with charcoal
Pizza Box Sun Oven – Cook slowly or re-heat foods in this simple little oven
#10 Can Grill – Perfect for roasting hot dogs and fun to make
#10 Can Stove – Uses any number of fuels and boil water or heat up foods

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