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Over the last 8 years of running this blog we have learned that there is so much more to the world of being prepared than just having a food storage. That is a GREAT place to start but it feels even better to develop skills and acquire tools to become more self-reliant and less dependent on outside sources to meet your family’s needs. We have taken really gone “back to the basics” to learn things that used to be common knowledge but are completely lost skills these days. It’s been a grand adventure but one thing is for certain, there is always more to learn!

Introducing this year’s Back to Basics Bundle

We are thrilled to be a part of the Back to Basics Bundle this year which is a complete eLibrary of over 73 resources and 12 bonus offers to give you an abundance of information to help YOU get back to the basics and become more self reliant. Our Food Storage Made Easy eBook (regularly $20) is included in the bundle so for just $10 more you can get our book plus 72 others. This is a 96% savings off the regular price if you were to purchase each resource individually. This deal is so good it is only being offered for ONE WEEK so don’t procrastinate your purchase!

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TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!! The Back to Basics Bundle will no longer be available as of midnight CST tonight (Sunday). If you’ve been on the fence about getting it hopefully today’s email will help you make a final decision. Earlier this week we featured our favorite three eBooks from the bundle but today we are going to give you the COMPLETE list of contents. If you like the sounds of 2-3 of these resources the bundle is well worth the low $29.97 cost to get the entire library. Don’t forget if you purchase using our special link shoot us an email letting us know and we’ll send you a free copy of our Meal In A Jar eCookbook on Monday 🙂

Cooking From Scratch

100+ DIY Projects to Make with Fruit Scraps — JES (Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth)
Paleo Meal Plans Made Easy — Jessica Beacom & Stacie Hassing (The Real Food Dietitians)
Real Food Meal Plans Made Easy — Jessica Beacom & Stacie Hassing (The Real Food Dietitians)
Meal Planning Made Easy — Kelly Smith (The Nourishing Home)
How to Become a Better Home Cook — Lindsay Moe (The Live-in Kitchen)
Gluten Free Muffins — Melanie Lynn (Road To The Farm)
10 Minute Prep Freezer Meals — Shanti Landon (Life Made Full)
Discovering Sourdough (course) — Teresa Greenway (Discovering Sourdough)

Do It Yourself

Only 10 Ingredients For All Natural Skin Care–Amy Greene (Mainly Homemade)
The Broke Bladesmith–Caleb Harris (Broke Bladesmith)
30 Essential Oil Recipes for DIY Beauty and Skin Care–Chrystal Johnson (Happy Mothering)
How To Make Lye Soap–Constance Beck (Designed By Constance)
The Complete Guide to Using, Laundering and Sewing Reusable Cloth Products– Danielle Pientka (DIY Danielle)
The Swiss Hills Guide To Cheesemaking–Karen Christian (Swiss Hills Ferments)
How To Make Amish Whitewash–Leigh Tate (5 Acres and a Dream)
Hot Process Soap Making e-Course–Lindy Sellers (Sweet Harvest Homestead)
Act On Your Craft–Renee Harris (Hard Lotion)

Food Storage

Dehydrating Charts And Basic Methods–Jennifer Osuch (Self Reliant School)ˆ
Food Storage Made Easy: A Three-Part Program–Jodi and Julie (Food Storage Made Easy)
Food Preservation Made Simple–Kendra Stamy (A Proverbs 31 Wife)
Pantry & Food Preservation Planner–Kim Mills (Homestead Acres)
Homestead Dreamer–LeAnn Edmondson (Homestead Dreamer)
A Cabin Full Of Food–Marie Beausoleil (Just Plain Marie)
Introduction To Canning–Patrice Lewis (Country Living Series)
Oh Lardy’s Guide To Fermenting Fruits & Vegetables–Tamara Mannelly (Oh Lardy)
Your Shelf Stable Pantry–Misty Marsh (Your Own Home Store)

Frugal Living

Tips & Tales From A Frugal, Healthy Kitchen–Daisy Luther (The Organic Prepper)
Healthy Family Meals On A Budget–Jolene Sloam (Yummy Inspirations)
The Grow Your Money Tree Tool Kit–Lauren Bowling
Penniless Foodie In The Wild–Penny Price (Penniless Parenting)
Six Dollar Family–Stacy Barr (Six Dollar Family)


Backyard Herb Gardening–Arlene Mobley (Flour On My Face)
Edible Landscaping Calendar–Catherine Crowley (Herbs 2 U)
Get Growing–Gabe Wright (Life From The Ground Up)
Grow More Food Course eCourse–Jason Matyas (Beyond Off Grid)
Garden Therapy–Stephanie Rose (Garden Therapy)
Ready, Set, Grow!–Susannah Shmurak (Healthy Green Savvy)
Eat Your Wild Yard: Spring–Theresa Berrie (Our Tiny Homestead)


8 Pounds in 8 Weeks: Raising Day Old Chicks For The Dinner Table–Annie (Anita) Coombe (Country Living in a Cariloo Valley)
8 Steps to Homestead Beginnings–Carmen Nuland (A Simple Homestead)
Permaculture Chickens–Justin Rhodes
Molly Green Membership–Molly Green
How To Draw Blood From Your Goats–Starlene Stewart
How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle– Tammy Trayer (Trayer Wilderness)
Oh Lardy’s Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens–Tamara Mannelly (Oh Lardy)

Natural Parenting

Prepared Kids–Angela Paskett (Food Storage and Survival)
Lessons from the Homestead–Carol J. Alexander (Everything Home With Carol)
Raising Young Children On The Homestead–Deborah Olsen (Grace Garden and Homestead)
School Mom–Hilary Erickson (Pulling Curls)
Homeschool Planner–Kelsi Rea (Vintage Kids Modern World)
If It Does Not Grow Say No–Kerry Wekelo (Living Awareness)
Parenting In Tough Times–Luschka Van Onselen (Keeper Of The Kitchen)

Natural Remedies

Herbal Teas For Winter Health–Carol Little (Studio Botanica)
Essential Oil 101 Guide & Recipes–Caroline Vencil (Cow Country Housewife)
How To Make Healing Herbal Oils–Kami McBride (Living Awareness)
Natural Beauty From Head To Toe–Kelly Cable (Simple Life Mom)
DIY Natural Remedies–Nina Nelson (Shalom Mama)
Apple Cider Vinegar On The Homestead–Rhonda Crank (The Farmer’s Lamp)


52 Week Preparedness Guide–Anita Fowler and Karen Jensen (Live Like You’re Rich)
One Second After The Lights Go Out–Lisa Bedford (The Survival Mom)
30 Days to Preparedness–Melissa Norris (Melissa K. Norris)
Off The Grid–Sheri Ann Richerson (Experimental Homesteader)
Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan–Misty Marsh (Your Own Home Store)

Simple Living

Sustainability Starts At Home–Dawn Gifford (Small Footprint Family)
Your Simple Home Handbook–Elsie Callender (Richly Rooted)
Simplify: Thoughtful Exercises To Help Simplify Your Life In A Few Minutes A Day–Jenetta Penner (Frugal Living Mom)
Back To The Basics: Small Space Living–Kayla Kamp (Ever Change Productions)
The Organized And Efficient House Spouse–Kim Anderson (Thrifty Little Mom)
A Simply Homemade Clean–Lisa Barthuly (Homestead Originals)
Proverbial Homemaker Planner–Tauna Meyer (Proverbial Homemaker)
How To Get Organized–Tawra Kellam & Jill Cooper (Living On A Dime)


After tomorrow this bundle will not be sold again and it will be a different compilation of products only available NEXT YEAR, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to build your digital preparedness library at rock-bottom prices. Have a great Sunday and don’t forget to email us if you purchase through our link to get your bonus!

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