From Storage to Stovetop: Instant Refried Beans

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In today’s installment of From Storage to Stovetop we are going to show you Instant Refried Beans and how they help us make quick and easy meals. This is such an easy product to use and we love that it has a VERY clean label. Instead of a bunch of oil and preservatives in a can of regular refried beans, all you get in this can is PINTO BEANS!

In the video below Julie shares how to make easy bean burritos, perfect for simple lunches. We love that you can make just a SINGLE burrito without worrying about wasting the rest of a can of traditional refried beans. The bean flakes are also good as a salad or taco topping, or you can rehydrate them and add cheese for a delicious side dish or bean dip.

Favorite Recipes Using Instant Refried Beans

Taco Soup
Bean Quesadillas
7 Layer Bean Dip
Mango Salsa Burrito Wrap

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