Black Friday is a fantastic time to stock up on food storage and emergency preparedness items at some of the best prices of the year. Whether you purchase these things as gifts for your loved ones, or simply to add to your own supplies, you can definitely get the most bang for you buck over this weekend. We already have talked a little bit about the Shelf Reliance Sale yesterday and also the Prepare My Life Planner sale on Friday. If you’re just getting started, we strongly recommend purchasing our eBook which only goes on sale twice a year!

Check out the flyer below for more details on all of these great sales and deals! The sale begins Friday morning (although some of the deals are already active), and lasts through midnight on the evening of Cyber Monday.

NEW SALE ITEM! Shelf Reliance Harvest 72″ #10 Can Shelf:
On sale for $229 (Regular Consultant Price: $270. Retail: $465).
This is an unadvertised sale not available on our regular consultant website.
Place your order through this special form.

Share this sale flyer with your friends and family and help them get prepared too!

  • ChonCarrie LeCrone

    Did I see the hand mill selling for $44??

  • Michelle

    To take advantage of the special on the Shelf Reliance Harvest 72″ #10 Can Shelf, do we have to have the product shipped, or can we pick up from the warehouse and save on shipping?

    • You can have it picked up and save on shipping. Just put a note in the comments at the bottom of the form

  • I was buying from these ppl my husband cc changed and now they have not record of us. Contacted by phone and customer service and have never recieved a response. Thier on my list.

    • Debbie, Please email us at with details on what your concern is. We always address customer service concerns as soon as possible when we receive them so I’m worried we must not have received the call or emails that you sent. Thanks!

  • Barbara

    I don’t see a “sale” on the Wondermill products. They can be purchased new with free shipping through eBay every day.

    • They are doing a holiday special with bonus items on each. The Electric has a cookbook, and the Hand Grinder has a free drill bit attachment during the holiday season 🙂

  • Practical Parsimony

    Why can these not be sold in Iowa or California?

    • Our dealer agreement prohibits us from doing it… so sorry.

      • Laura

        Are you not allowed to sell anything to California? I didn’t see which items Practical Parsimony is talking about. Is it the Berkeys, or any items at all? I’m interested in the sun oven and the wheat grinder.

        • I think that was something from last years sale actually where we specified that we couldn’t sell Berkeys there. We can sell sun oven and wheat grinders to California for sure.

  • Susan

    you have your shelf reliance Harvest 72 inch advertised for 249.99 but I cannot figure out how to buy it for that price. Can you help me out with the proccess?

    • Sales doesn’t start until the 23rd.


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