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Added BabyStep 4 to Main Topics!

Long Term Food Storage
We added a BabyStep! Check out the BabySteps 4 main topic page to learn about an easy way to start the daunting task of your Long-Term Food Storage. We are getting really excited as we are starting to delve into the deeper and more complicated aspects of food storage. We are learning new things every day and will be sharing them with you as we get them down to a simplified format. Note: Julie made a great instructional video as part of this step, so if you want to put a face to her name you should definitely check it out!
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Addition to BabyStep 3 – Three Month Supply

Non-Food Items, Three Month Supply
In planning our 3 months of food we started to think about times that we would actually USE it. The most likely scenario was an economic crunch, job loss, or something of that nature. So if we had no money for food, it would seem likely that there would be no money for other necessities like diapers, medications, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. Thus we have included establishing a 3 month supply of non-food essentials as part of step 3. Remember, this is only necessities for now. And the biggest benefit of including this in step 3 is you will be able to begin stockpiling these items as they go on sale and rotate them in as you do your food. This should free up even more money in your monthly…
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Because I Am a Nerd (aka Jodi’s 3 month plan)

Jodi's Progress, Three Month Supply
So I know Julie will mock me for this, but I like to be organized with my cooking and I stink at making up meals out of random ingredients. I also tend to be somewhat of an excel junkie ... thus my 3 month plan is quite detailed. I started by jotting down in a notebook 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 14 dinners, and a few snacks that could be made if no fresh meat/produce was available. Then I multiplied those meals out to get 12 weeks worth of food planned. I pulled out my recipe book and marked down exactly what ingredients I'd need to make those meals the specified number of times. I compiled all of that into an inventory list that I will print and update as I…
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Julie’s 3 Months of “Normal” Foods List

Julie's Progress, Three Month Supply
Now, if you take a look at my three month plan vs. Jodi's you'll notice we're different. When it comes to meal planning, Jodi likes to call herself organized, I tend to call her intense. I like to call myself creative, she might argue I'm scatter-brained. Nevertheless, we are all different and go about doing things differently. So for all you creative people: I made a list of what I normally buy at the story and put it on an index card (and yes it's cute because it's pink). When I look through grocery store ads, or other useful blogs on grocery shopping sales, I'll see if any of my "list" items are on sale. Actually the truth of the matter is, I'll wait for my awesome sister Andrea to…
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I Got the Water Jugs! (Julie)

Julie's Progress, Water
Well there is not too much to say about it. I multiplied 3 members of my family X 1 gallon per day X 14 days. That's 42 gallons. I got 8, 6 gallon water jugs. So I think I'm covered. The trip to Walmart was exciting though. My baby thought he needed to help throw each jug out of the cart.
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Water Water Everywhere … (Jodi’s update)

Jodi's Progress, Water
4 people in my family X 1 gallon of water per day X 14 days = 56 gallons I bought 10 jugs (6 gallons each) just to be on the safe side. Confession: I went to fill them and realized I only had SCENTED bleach (see Step 2 page) so I couldn't do it. They are still empty :( Don't tell Julie though, she thinks I'm all on the ball since I bought them first!
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Julie’s Food Storage Beginnings

Julie's Progress
I did it! I went to Walmart and bought a shelf. The shelf was $24.88, "heavy duty" plastic. My dad said metal shelves can sometimes cave in around the center and that he has been happy with his plastic shelves. I had the option to do all 5 shelves tall, or 3 and 2. I thought the 3, and 2 were cuter for now. Once I get more stuff, I'll probably have to do 5 shelves high - and get another shelf, but this works for now. I even got my basement cleaned out in the process.
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