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How to Make a 72 Hour Kit

How to Make a 72 Hour Kit

72 Hour Kits, Getting Started
How to Make a 72 Hour Kit: Instructions Step 1 – Make sure you have saved 1 milk jug and 3 2-liter bottles per person. Wash them all out with soap and let dry. Step 2 – Multiply the number of kits you want by the items listed in the shopping list and purchase the food items from Walmart or your neighborhood grocery store. All the food will cost around $8-10. Step 3 – Purchase a small esbit stove and fuel pellets from an emergency preparedness store such as Emergency Essentials or if one isn’t available in your area follow the links below to order online. Only one stove is NECESSARY per family, but they are pretty cheap so if you’d like to have one per kit that is fine…
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We originally wanted the name Food Storage for Dummies as we feel like we are kind of the dummies and are trying to share the knowledge we gain as we research this process. However, we researched it a bit and decided it wasn't worth risking a trademark infringement so here we are at! Welcome to our food storage blog! We are two young moms trying to navigate through our crazy goal of getting a year’s supply of food storage put together. With the struggling economy we have really started to feel that the time is right to get this project underway. As we started the process we realized there was SO much to learn and we got overwhelmed. So we decided to start this blog to keep track of…
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