Where in the World WERE WE?

Jodi's Progress, Julie's Progress
In case you've been wondering why the two of us fell off the face of the planet for the last 3 weeks, we will fill you in! Usually when we take on big projects, vacations, and even having babies, we make sure to time it with each other. There's always at least one of us who tries to stay relatively available. Well we mistakenly decided to take on the holidays, while one of us MOVED, and the other FINISHED A BASEMENT. Bad, bad idea folks! It left us merely capable of handling urgent emails and slightly comatose the rest of the time. Well, Jodi is mostly settled into her new basement (although her food storage is still inaccessible), and Julie has running water, gas, and internet at the new house,…
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Gardening Updates from Julie and Jodi

Gardening Updates from Julie and Jodi

Gardening, Jodi's Progress, Julie's Progress
Whether you're a Master Gardener, or you just plant a couple small plants on your kitchen counter, learning the skill of gardening is very important in Food Storage. Today we're going to update you on how our gardens are doing this year. For those of you who have followed our blog for the last three years, you'll know that I haven't been into the gardening scene all that actively yet. It hasn't been for a lack of interest, but rather a lack of knowledge, space, sun, and courage! Well this year I decided one way or another, I WOULD have a garden. I spent a lot of time debating between 3 garden options for me this summer. I was trying to decide between: Using my yard that is tiny and…
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Spring Gardening Chores

Gardening, Jodi's Progress
It's springtime, yay! This blog is not a "gardening blog" but gardening does have a lot to do with self-reliance and it can be an inexpensive way to stockpile your own fruits and veggies that you can preserve. I asked on our Facebook page what people want to see on the blog about gardening this year and got a wide variety of responses. I'm not a gardening guru by any means, so I will be sharing what I'm doing in my garden (and hopefully Julie will share hers as she gets started this year too!). I will try to direct you to good resources along the way so you can see what I'm doing but also have the help you need for whatever your personal gardening goals and concerns are.…
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2010 New Years Resolutions Recap

Jodi's Progress, Julie's Progress, Just For Fun
In January of this year, we both posted some of our Food Storage goals and Resolutions for 2010. It's hard to believe a whole year has passed and it's time to report on our goals. Our joint goal this year was to help Grandma Lori get started with her Food Storage in the Extreme Food Storage Makeover. We're pleased to report that we have had many successes in that realm and will continue to share things we learn with her. For a list of all the things we did with Grandma Lori, make sure to visit the Extreme Food Storage Makeover Page. I want to start sprouting regularly and really use it in more in my regular cooking. I must confess, it still totally scares me. I plan to MASTER…
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What’s Coming Up Next?

7 Day Challenge, Jodi's Progress, Julie's Progress
As we read through all of the blog comments, emails, facebook discussions, etc. we came across several main themes over and over again that people are struggling with. And many of them are things that are issues we are working on ourselves. We are going to be spending the next few weeks covering each of these topics more in depth and hopefully they will be a help to you too. 1. Water storage / purification / conservation: Most people are prepared for a water shortage lasting even up to 2 weeks. However, it's a lot different to have drinking water for 2 weeks versus LIVING water for two weeks. It's also a big concern as to what to do if there is an even longer water shortage. There were a…
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The #1 Most Common Email We Receive

Computer Backup, Jodi's Progress
My computer crashed and I lost everything ... I know you told us to back up our computers but I didn't ... Could you please resend my Food Storage Made Easy Binder file? And that is the part where we say "I told you so!!!". In our BabyStep Checklist program the VERY first thing we tell people to do is to have some sort of backup plan for their computer. This doesn't seem like a typical recommendation from a food storage/preparedness site, but it is the MOST common "disaster" that people have and it is absolutely devastating when it happens. To lose all of your work and school files, not to mention family pictures and videos ... it has happened to me and it is awful.  Well today I had…
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Jodi’s Three Month Supply Problem

Jodi's Progress, Organization, Three Month Supply
Basement junk making it difficult to reach long term food storage buckets Bags of groceries dumped on the floor BESIDE the shelves Canning supplies scattered in multiple places Shelves for 3 month supply are hard to access, hard to see, and hard to reach My big excuse is that I had a baby 7 weeks ago. So for probably a good 5-6 months I avoided going down to the storage area like a plague. My sweet hubby would refill my containers upstairs with my long term foods. And my sweet 5 year old son would run down and grab cans of veggies or soup when I needed them for a recipe. The problem could no longer be ignored when I sent my son down to grab a can of tomato…
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The "Food Storage" Diet

Grains, Healthy Food Storage, Jodi's Progress, Recipes, Recommended Products
My baby will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. Wow does time fly. As any mom knows, losing the baby weight can be quite a torturous process. I knew I didn't want to go on some sort of crazy fad diet to lose the weight, so I decided to go with just eating healthy and exercising. That means lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meat (i.e. chicken). Basically no processed foods, very little fat, and no refined sugar ... if you know my love of treats this basically equals NO FUN! ;) But he was worth it! And the best part is I am using TONS of food storage while I'm at it. While this "diet" is very healthy, it can also be a bit of a pain…
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Meal Planning Made Easy

Budgeting, Jodi's Progress
Exactly one month ago I gave birth to my third baby. Crazy I have three kids now! I knew with having a busy husband who wasn't able to get any time off work, and two "big" kids at home who like Mommy's cooking, that I needed to do some planning ahead in the meal department. I made tons of freezer meals and shared the process in depth with our Facebook Friends. I wanted to show you guys how EASY it is to plan ahead either for a big event, for a three month supply shop, or just for regular monthly meal plans using the Deals to Meals service. 1. Go through your recipe books, favorite recipes websites, etc. and write down all the meals you are planning for (I looked…
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Our Blog Anniversary + a GIVEAWAY + a SALE

Events, Giveaways, Jodi's Progress, Julie's Progress, Just For Fun
We hope you enjoyed our Blast From The Past Week as we celebrated our two year blog anniversary last week. We went through a lot of fun stories and things we've discovered over the last two years as we have been learning about food storage and sharing what we've learned on this blog. Here is a summary of the posts in case you missed any of the days. A look at our "old" blog design and a summary of some of our blogging milestones over the past two years [View Post]  See how Julie is CONSTANTLY re-organizing her food storage [View Post] Jodi and Julie "argue" over how to plan a three month supply [View Post] Julie discovers that food storage is NOT only for desserts! [View Post] Jodi shares…
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