Car Emergency Kit Do-Over

Car Kits, Food Storage Do-Over 2015
This week we are working on updating our car kits and our evacuation plans as part of the Food Storage Do-Over 2015. I have been working a lot on trying to figure out the best car kit situation for my family. I put together a small kit for my husband to keep in the car that he drives because we don't usually have the children if we are driving that car. I have a much more intensive kit that we keep in the van that includes items for the entire family. I'll show you details of each kit below. Family Car Kit For the basics I bought an Auto Emergency kit similar to this one. Here's everything that was included in the kit: The basic kit came with a little…
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How to Create a Mommy Emergency Car Kit (Gift Idea)

Car Kits, Emergency Preparedness, Gift Ideas
I've been working on re-arranging my car kits after I saw a #10 Can Car Kit on Pinterest. I thought fitting it into cans made a lot of sense and would be sturdy and a good way to use up old cans. It's still a work in progress and I'll post about it when I have them completed. BUT, it also gave me a great idea for a different type of emergency car kit also using an empty #10 can. My two little sisters both got pregnant with their first babies at the same time and I wanted to do something special for them on their first Mother's Day. After having 4 kids myself, I've learned a few things like "always keep a spare diaper and wipes in the car"…
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Disaster Kits … and a GIVEAWAY!

Car Kits, Disaster Kits, Emergency Preparedness
GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED - RESULTS WILL BE POSTED SOON! Our Grandma Lori Food Storage Makeover project has led to quite a few questions from readers on the different types of "ready-made" Disaster Kits that are available. We initially outlined three disaster kit options and chose our recommendations based off of Grandma Lori's preferences. We asked our friends at Emergency Essentials to help us put together a list of all of the kits that they have available and when you might use each one. They gave us some great information for us to share with you, and also offered to do a GIVEAWAY of one of their great kits. Yay for one of our lucky readers! To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment telling us what aspects of Emergency…
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How To Make a Coffee Can Heater

Alternate heating/cooling, Car Kits, Emergency Preparedness
As part of our Emergency Preparedness Plan we include a list of items to include in a "Car Kit". This is a kit that you keep in your car with useful items in case you have a road-side emergency. One of the items we recommend is a "coffee can heater" and we have had quite a few people ask us for clarification on what that is, so here is the answer will full instructions of course :) How to Make a Coffee Can Heater - Video How to Make a Coffee Can Heater – Instructions Step 1: Clean out an old coffee can (if you don't drink coffee, any large can will do ... just make sure it has a lid!) Step 2: Remove the cardboard center from a roll…
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