Just For Fun, Preparing Your Space
Spring is in the air... and with that comes spring cleaning. I admit I buy into the spring cleaning frenzy. I love clearing things out of my house. Recycling, de-cluttering, donating things, and throwing things out makes me happy. Today I wanted to talk about Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Spring cleaning! A few Saturdays ago something happened in our schedule that never happens. We had NOTHING scheduled. Well I got giddy with excitement, pulled out some post-it- notes, and started on a rampage. I wrote down every project I wanted done. I got started working through the projects on my post-it-notes one by one. I placed all of them on my fridge and as I completed a task I pulled the note off. I still have a few more…
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Spring Cleaning and Food Storage

Preparing Your Space
There is something about spring cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. When I'm stressed out, I organize a closet or drawer. It's almost as good as Cadbury Mini-Eggs -sigh for Easter season being over- The following is a guest post I did that shows some organizing techniques for your food storage area.
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