40 Ways to Use Your FoodSaver

We always have fun discussions on our Facebook page and love to get to know all of our readers better over there. We recently asked how people use their FoodSaver or other vacuum sealers and got a TON of great responses. We compiled them all here for a quick, easy-to-read list. If you have a FoodSaver, break it out and start using it for some of these things! If you don’t have one yet, you can check them out at the FoodSaver website.


40 Ways to Use Your FoodSaver

Using Foodsaver Bags

1. Seal cheese to last longer in the fridge
2. Vacuum seal treats to send overseas to military/missionary family members
3. Preserve leftovers for freezer meals
4. Buy bulk meats and split into single recipe portions in freezer bags
5. Store toiletries and sanitary supplies compacted
6. Vacuum seal ammunition
7. Vacuum seal photos to preserve them and keep dry in a disaster
8. Vacuum seal important documents for preservation
9. Seal jump drives in 72 hour kits
10. Seal chocolate for long term food storage
11. Create homemade ice packs
12. Reseal chip bags
13. Waterproofing matches
14. Freeze fruits and vegetables in bags
15. Seal any leftovers in the deli containers to last longer in the fridge
16. Seal partially used vegetables to avoid them going rotten before using
17. Seal grains and store in the freezer to extend shelf life
18. Recork bottles of wine
19. Seal bags of snacks/treats for road trips
20. Seal shredded zucchini to use in stews/breads/etc.
21. Trail mix packets for camping
22. Homemade emergency MRE’s
23. Seal cereal to extend shelf life
24. Seal spare clothes for 72 hour kits in large bags to conserve space
25. Seal spare bedding in large bags
26. Seal off-season clothes in large bags
27. Seal turkey leftovers for different meals after Thanksgiving
28. Freeze homemade soups, then vacuum seal them
29. Freeze bread loaves

Using the Foodsaver Jar Attachment

30. Seal bulk spices in jars
31. Seal salads in quart jars to make them last longer
32. Reseal foods from opened #10 cans into mason jars
33. Dehydrate fruits and seal them in jars
34. Seal nuts in jars
35. Seal seeds in jars
36. Seal chocolate chips in jars
37. Seal pet food in mason jars to keep it fresher
38. Store rice and beans sealed in jars
39. Seal crackers in jars
40. Meals in a jar!

12 Days of Food Storage Christmas

We love giving the gift of preparedness to our family and friends. We have come up with this fun little 12 Days of Christmas activity that we revamp each year that includes tons of great ideas, even if you don’t do it as a full 12 days event. For each day we include a free (or under $1) idea, as well as a mid-level and a higher-priced item that goes along with that theme. We also have cute tags and labels you can use if you want to highlight the preparedness aspect of the gift.

If you want to hear us chat about each day and some of our favorite gift ideas, you can check out this week’s podcast episode where we explain these ideas in detail for each day and share some fun stories of when we have used them for OUR loved ones.


12 Days of Food Storage Christmas

Feel free to use these ideas how you want. Whether you do all 12 days, or just choose one gift, the point is to share your love of food storage, and the peace that comes with being self-reliant and prepared. Each “day” will have a theme, and have 3 gift ideas for you:

  • An option that’s FREE or under $1
  • An option that costs $5-15
  • A more expensive option…

We also have a pdf for you to print out that has tags for each day, name tags, and images you can print and attach to the gifts. Click here to download the tags.

12 Days of Gift Ideas

Day 1: Emergency Preparedness
Day 2: Shelves
Day 3: Water
Day 4: 3 Month Supply
Day 5:Long Term Education
Day 6: Grains
Day 7: Legumes
Day 8: Baking Goods
Day 9: Fruits and Vegetables
Day 10: Comfort Foods
Day 11: Non-Food Items
Day 12: Checklists

Merry Christmas, and thanks for making this year so fun for us!

Food Storage Black Friday 2013



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Spooktacular Sales + Halloween Treats

Halloween is only a week away! We have princesses and ninjas and superheroes getting VERY excited around here :) We also have four great October sales we wanted to share with you, as well as links to some of our favorite Halloween posts to share a few yummy treats you can make for the season using your food storage. Enjoy!

Spooktacular Sale Items


Get a FREE Dehydrating Rack Kit with your purchase of an All-American Sun Oven in October. Simply check the box for the free kit on our order page and it will ship FREE with your Sun Oven!
Orders must be placed by October 31st at 10:00 pm MST.


Regular Home Party Price: $1119.99,
Promotion Price: $939.99
Check out the October Monthly Specials on our Thrive Life website and save 10-30% off of retail prices. The 6 Month Food, Fuel, Water Package is an unadvertised special and can only be purchased through our secure order form.
Orders must be placed by November 1st at 10:00 pm MST.

DRILLHALL Wonder Junior Deluxe:

Get a FREE Drill Bit Attachment with your purchase of a Wonder Junior Deluxe hand wheat grinder. Simple check the box for the free attachment on our order page and it will ship FREE with your Wonder Junior!

Untitled-6 Prepare My Life Planner:

One of our most popular products is on sale for $20 off! Get everything you need to organize and compile your family emergency binder with this Prepare My Life Planner Kit. Watch the video below to learn more and see why Julie LOVES this product.

Halloween Treats

We’ve been sharing some of our favorite fall and Halloween treats to our Facebook page. Make sure to follow us there for even more ideas coming up this week :) Here are two of our favorites so far.


SUMMER SALES – Back to School Savings

Can you believe summer is almost over? In case you haven’t started school yet, be sure to listen to our latest podcast where we go over “8 Ways To Practice Preparedness In the Summer“. Take advantage of these last few weeks and freshen up your skills for our upcoming Seven Day Challenge this fall.

In this month’s edition of the Food Storage Made Easy Newsletter, we featured some serious summer savings on preparedness products. Some of these deals are available ONLY to Food Storage Made Easy readers for a limited time, so we wanted to make sure to post them on the blog too.


(Food Storage Made Easy Reader Exclusive)

Earlier this year we shared with you on our blog about the NEW All American Sun Oven. The features of the new oven are awesome! If you missed the post you can catch up here. The owner of Sun Oven contacted us with an offer to give our readers an exclusive package deal. The package includes the NEW All-American Sun Oven, 2 WAPI’s, and free shipping all at a great price. This package is only available through September 1, 2013 so if you’re in the market, now is the time to snag one.


  • 1 All-American Sun Oven
  • 2 WAPIs (Water Pasteurization Indicators)

Regular Price: $310, PACKAGE PRICE $274 + free shipping



(Food Storage Made Easy Reader Exclusive)

With the recent redo of our Emergency Preparedness Plan, we admitted rotating food in your 72 hour kits can be tedious When planning food for your 72 hour kits, you may wish to consider foods with long shelf lives. Despite your best intentions of rotating the food, often times it’s a job that doesn’t get done. With a 20 year shelf life, the following 72 hour Food Kit is a great option. The pricing on this kit is available only to Food Storage Made Easy Readers and only while supplies last (quantities are limited).


  • Three servings Southwest White Bean Chili
  • Four servings Texan Sunrise Skillet
  • Five servings Nantucket Potato Soup
  • Six servings Rio Grande Beans and Rice
  • Eight servings Artisan Oatmeal
  • Eight servings low fat Chocolate Milk
  • Ten servings White Rice
  • Ten servings Black Beans
  • Ten servings Rotini ͍ la Marinara
  • Sixteen servings 100% Real Milk

Regular Price: $99.99, OUR SPECIAL PRICE: $75.00



(Food Storage Made Easy Reader Exclusive)

Remember the great fruit and vegetable bucket sales that Chef’s Banquet has offered to our readers in the past? We have set up one more deal with them to help you get meats at a significant discount as well. Here are the details:

  • Chefs Banquet Turkey: Retail Price $289.99, SALE PRICE $159.99
  • Chefs Banquet Beef: Retail Price $309.99, SALE PRICE $169.99
  • Chefs Banquet Pork: Retail Price $259.99, SALE PRICE: $149.99
  • Chef’s Banquet Variety Bucket: Retail Price $245.99, SALE PRICE: $229.99


  • Visit the Chef’s Banquet website and add desired products to your shopping cart (you will see the regular pricing, coupon code will be entered later)
  • At STEP 2 of the checkout process, enter coupon code FSMECBMEAT

SALE VALID THROUGH SEPTEMBER 1ST (or while supplies last)



We haven’t seen Bosch Mixers go on sale very often so when we heard about their summer sale we knew we had to let our readers know about it! The mixer is $10 but the best part is you can get the cookie dough paddles for $22 off with the purchase of your Bosch.

Only $389 and Free Shipping

Our Regular Price $434.98, SALE PRICE $402.98




Get some of the biggest discounts of the year during our Thrive-a-ganza! You’ll save 20–40% on every THRIVE item featured in this exclusive sale only available through a consultant, plus great discounts on food rotation systems and emergency items. The products on this page are available only while sale inventory lasts, after which point they will return to their regular price. Order today to save BIG with Thrive-a-ganza!


Hope you enjoy all of the summer savings!

New and Improved All-American Sun Oven (ok this is really exciting!)

If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you probably know that we both love and use our Global Sun Ovens frequently. We teach about them intensively in our Powerless Cooking Classes because it is such a great way to conserve your fuel as long as you have a sunny day. You can check out a few of our cooking adventures here and here.

Well today we are so excited to tell you about the BRAND NEW ALL-AMERICAN SUN OVEN. The company has taken feedback from customers over the years and has made so many great enhancements to the sun oven. We’re going to highlight some of our favorites in this post, but you can check out the full details over at our Online Store. This new Sun Oven is only available in the U.S. while the Global Sun Oven will still be available in the U.S. and worldwide.


Benefits of the NEW All-American Sun Oven

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 11.19.41 PM 20% LARGER INTERIOR: Without increasing the exterior size of the oven, the interior can now accommodate a regular 9×13 pan. HURRAY for this! Now you don’t have to buy special pots and pans or limit your meals to smaller meals.
EASIER TO ALIGN WITH THE SUN: No more trying to figure out if the oven is aligned properly with the sun (did anyone else feel like the shadow thing was really hard to get right??) The little plastic E-Z Sun Track Indicators take all the guess work out.
Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 11.15.01 PM MORE STABLE: The stake at the back is now t-shaped so it is more stable in windy weather, it also includes little stakes you can use to pin it to the ground.
Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 11.19.34 PM HOTTER TEMPERATURES: With a thicker glass door and a better sealing gasket, temperatures can now get 10-15% hotter than the Global Sun Oven. On full sunny days you can get up to 360-400 degrees. Woo-hoo!
rack BETTER LEVELING RACK: The new rack looks great, you can use it in different ways, including folding it up and placing it on the floor of the sun oven to increase the usable area inside while still allowing air to circulate in the oven. Love this.
NEW CD: The new CD that comes with every All-American Sun Oven is full of emergency preparedness info, videos, and tons of amazing recipes developed specifically for the sun oven plus FREE recipe organizer software. You can even update the software to download all the new recipes from Sun Ovens website. How cool is that?


If you already own a Sun Oven, we have heard that there will be an upgrade kit that will get you all of the new features (except for the interior capacity). We will keep you posted as soon as it is available.

Sneak Peak at the New Features

Paul Munsen, the President of Sun Ovens International stopped by my house when he was in town last week to give me a sneak peek at the new sun oven. I canNOT wait to get my hands on one of these and start using it! I tried to film a video of him showing me the new features but alas, when you have a 6 year old help film you end up with only half of a video. You can see the half of it that actually recorded after I took the phone from her. I TRIED, please forgive me :)

New Products from Lindon Farms

We have been gradually adding a few new products to our Food Storage Made Easy Store over the last few weeks and we wanted to give you a brief summary of the ones in the Lindon Farms section. The meat buckets are on sale through February 15th so if you are interested in those, now is a great time to grab them!

Freeze Dried Meat Buckets

We have normally done our meat storage in #10 cans so we were intrigued by these buckets. Each bucket contains one variety of meat packaged in 6 mylar pouches with 19 servings of meat in each one for a total of 114 servings. We like the idea that you can open one pouch to use, while leaving the rest of the pouches still sealed. It’s a little more expensive to store this way but it’s ON SALE this week!

Varieties: Ground Beef, Diced Chicken, Diced Turkey, Ground Sausage
Pricing: Retail Price: $225.00, Our Price: $202.50, SALE PRICE: $182.50
Click here to learn more or buy now (SALE PRICE valid through February 15th)

Garden Seeds

The Lindon Farms® fruit and vegetable seed bucket contains over 316,000 Non GMO seeds. This variety of 25 different fruits and vegetables have been dehydrated to optimum moisture content for long term storage. Every seed is open-pollinated (non-hybrid) so you can collect the seeds and replant them in future seasons. These seeds come with instructions for planting, harvesting, and collecting seed to replenish for a perpetual garden.

Pricing: Retail Price: $399.95, Our Price: $359.96
Click here to learn more or buy now

Tropical Fruit Bucket

The Tropical Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket includes many of our favorite fruits, all packaged in mylar pouches inside a 4 gallon bucket. It’s a nice and inexpensive way to sample several varieties of fruits with one purchase. This bucket contains one pouch each of Whole Cherries, Whole Red Seedless Grapes, Whole Blackberries, Diced Mangoes, Sliced Bananas, and Diced Pineapples. Available in both 150 serving and 300 serving buckets.

Pricing: 150 serving bucket $133.00, 300 serving bucket $250.00
Click here to learn more or buy now


Black Friday is a fantastic time to stock up on food storage and emergency preparedness items at some of the best prices of the year. Whether you purchase these things as gifts for your loved ones, or simply to add to your own supplies, you can definitely get the most bang for you buck over this weekend. We already have talked a little bit about the Shelf Reliance Sale yesterday and also the Prepare My Life Planner sale on Friday.

If you’re just getting started, we strongly recommend purchasing our eBook which only goes on sale twice a year!

Check out the flyer below for more details on all of these great sales and deals! The sale begins Friday morning (although some of the deals are already active), and lasts through midnight on the evening of Cyber Monday.

Shelf Reliance Black Friday Sneak Preview

Black Friday is a wonderful time of year to stock up on preparedness items at great discounts. We have quite a few sales we are going to be announcing tomorrow that will start on Friday morning, but for now we wanted to give you a sneak preview on some of our FAVORITE things from Shelf Reliance that will be on sale. CLICK HERE FOR A FULL LIST OF SALE ITEMS.

Most of the other sale items you’ve seen before on our site, but we’ve never done in depth reviews on some of these Shelf Reliance items so we wanted to let you know what we love about them and why they are a part of our storage.

These prices are only available through a consultant (that’s us!) so make sure you come back and shop through our special links to get the sale prices. We really appreciate you shopping through us and thank you for your support.

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the sale items…


Retail Price: $459.99
Our Regular Discounted Price: $270.29
Black Friday SALE PRICE: $249.99
Black Friday pricing available here Friday-Monday

- Can width is adjustable
- Small tracks hold up to 15 vegetable size or 17 soup size cans
- Medium tracks hold up to 11 medium size cans
- Large tracks hold up to 7 #10 size cans
- Click here for full product details

What we love:
Rotation can be one of the trickiest parts of food storage, especially for your 3-month supply type foods. We love these heavy duty shelves from Shelf Reliance to keep all of your cans organized in one place. It’s a great use of space. Jodi even custom designed the pantry in her new home to fit one of these harvest shelves right there in her kitchen. Yay that it’s on sale this week since she’s moving in next week!


Retail: $270.59
Our Regular Discounted Price: $238.09
Black Friday SALE PRICE: $202.89
Black Friday pricing available here Friday-Monday

- 6 #10 cans of shredded freeze dried cheeses
- Varieties include: 3 cheddar cheese, 1 mozzarella cheese, 1 colby jack, 1 monterey jack
- Click here for full package details

What we love:
We’ve always said that in any emergency, if we could just bake a pizza then we could survive. When we discovered freeze-dried cheese and found out that it actually WORKS we were thrilled. We have used it in so many recipes and it truly is a very good substitution. It melts on pizza, mixes perfectly into creamy casseroles, and can also be used as a garnish for things like tacos. You can see some of the recipes we’ve used it in here, here, and here.


Black Friday SALE PRICE: ALL Thrive Veggies will be on sale up to 50% off.
Black Friday pricing available here Friday-Monday

Biggest discounts are on the following products:
- Freeze dried: Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Zucchini
- Dehydrated: Mixed Bell Peppers, Carrots
- Tomato Powder
- Click here to view full veggie product line

What we love:
We love love love having veggies in our food storage because of the every day appeal. They save so much time because you don’t have to rinse, chop, cook, etc. You also save a lot of money cooking with them as you avoid the waste when you can’t finish something before it goes bad. The veggies are so easy to swap in to your regular recipes, just throw into soups, chilis, or dips … or simply rehydrate as a side dish. We feel like they are much tastier than frozen or canned veggies and since they contain no preservatives or additives they are a very healthy alternative when fresh veggies aren’t available. The tomato powder is an amazing and versatile product that can be used to make all kinds of sauces, pastes, etc. so you don’t have to store so many different bottles and jars of tomato products.


Black Friday SALE PRICE: ALL Thrive Fruits will be on sale up to 50% off.
Black Friday pricing available here Friday-Monday

Biggest discounts are on the following products:
- Applesauce Powder, Freeze-Dried Grapes, Freeze-Dried Apricots
- Click here to view full fruit product line

What we love:
When you look on the label of the Thrive freeze-dried fruits all you see is the FRUIT listed. No additives or preservatives. Our kids eat these things in place of fruit snacks or other snacks and think they are a delicious snack. We also love to throw them in smoothies, fruit salads, desserts (i.e. Blackberry Pie!), etc. It’s so nice to always have fruit on hand, even the more “exotic” ones :)


Retail: $94.99
Our Regular Discounted Price: $88.89
Black Friday SALE PRICE: $71.19
Black Friday pricing available here Friday-Monday

Variety Pack contents include the following items:
- Entrees: Creamy Beef & Noodles, Pasta Carbonara, Southwestern-Style Chicken & Rice, Garden Fresh Vegetable Pasta
- Soups: Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup, Baked Potato Cheese Soup, Broccoli Cheese Soup, Creamy Garden Vegetable Chowder, Hearty Beef Chili
- Sides: Chili Lime Chicken Rice, Loaded Scalloped Potatoes, Wild Rice Pilaf
- Click here for full package details

What we love:
Thrive Express is the “Just-Add-Water” line of foods from Shelf Reliance. If you are looking for something quick and easy to make in an emergency, these types of meals can be great. We’ve tried A LOT of these types of foods and Thrive Express is one of the best-tasting brands. While we are mainly storing these meals “for emergency only” it’s nice to know that our kids will actually eat them if they had to. Thrive Express can be a little pricier than other brands because the meals contain actual freeze dried meats and vegetables while other brands contain “meat flavorings” instead.

More Sale Items

Click the images below to view the full list of featured products. And remember ALL Thrive foods will be on sale ranging from 20%-50% off!

Price Changes and Sales Coming in November

When the earthquake/tsunami hit Japan back in early 2011 it shocked everyone into realizing the importance of being prepared. Food storage and related preparedness items were in high demand and experienced huge backorders. This was very frustrating for people at a time when they were feeling anxious about getting ready for future disasters.

Hurricane Sandy in combination with droughts and higher food prices this year could cause a similar situation to arise in the near future. We are already seeing price increases among some suppliers and a few products on backorder. We wanted to let you know about a few upcoming price increases as well as some holiday promotions that would be ideal to take advantage of now before supplies become limited. We’ll add to this list as we hear about any other things on the horizon.


Wise Food Storage
Across the board price increases coming November 1st.

Over the past 12 -18 months, Wise Company has absorbed significant price increases from our food suppliers without passing along any of the increased costs to our customers. As widely reported, drought conditions throughout the US, increased fuel prices and government regulation have all combined to increase the costs of critical raw materials such as corn, wheat, dairy and beef. We hoped the upward food price trends would reverse itself but, unfortunately, it has not. Although we have never instituted a price increase in our history, these unprecedented conditions have made it necessary to make certain modifications to our pricing program. We are committed to instituting these changes in a thoughtful, measured and careful manner.

Click here to buy now. Prices will be adjusted the night of October 31st.

Emergency Essentials
Final Days of the Anniversary Sale! Sale prices end October 31st.

Premium 1600 One Year Supply
- On sale this month for $1,749.99 (individually: $2,245.75)
6-Month Lunch & Dinner Supply
- On sale this month for $1,199.99 (individually: $1,578.99)
Goal Zero Lighthouse LED Lantern AND Nomad 7 Combo
- On sale this month for $84.99 (MSRP $155.00)
Kaito® Voyager™ Pro
- On sale this month for $65.99 (MSRP $99.95)

Click here to view all sale items. Prices valid through October 31st.


FREE GIFT with all wheat grinder purchases

- All Wonder Junior Deluxe orders will include a FREE drill bit attachment. This attachment makes it easy to “power” up your Wonder Junior and grind your grains/legumes more quickly. (Retail value $29.95)
- All WonderMill Electric models will ship with a FREE Chef Brad Comfort Foods Cookbook. (Retail value $14.95)

Click here to buy now and get your free gifts!

Global Sun Oven
Preparedness, Dehydrating & Turkey Roasting Package – $40!

This package includes:
- Hanging Turkey Roasting Rack
- Sun Dry Dehydrating Racks (With one roll of parchment paper)
- Two Easy Stack Pots w/interchangeable enamel and glass lids
- Multi-Fuel Water Pasteurizing Indicator (WAPI)
- Two Loaf Pans
- A totally new computer CD with over 600 SUN OVEN recipes, cooking tips, FAQs, operating instructions and a video series on how the SUN OVEN works and emergency preparedness tips.
(Entire package just $40 with purchase of Global Sun Oven)

Click here to buy now with discounted accessories!


Berkey Water Purifiers
Big Berkey and Crown Berkey’s OUT OF STOCK

The Crown Berkey and Big Berkey models are unavailable until further notice. However, Berkey is offering a Royal Berkey upgrade at a discounted price if you were really hoping to purchase a Big Berkey. You can get the Royal Berkey for just $270.50 instead of the regular price of $283.00.

Click here to buy your discounted Royal Berkey!

Humless Solar Generators
Collapsible Panels ON BACKORDER

The Humless Sentinel can be purchased with a solar panel kit. The popular collapsible panels are currently on backorder and will be shipped separately at a later time. If you order the non-collapsible panels they will ship with your generator.

Click here to buy your Sentinel at the lowest price available online!

Shelf Reliance
Ultimate Veggie Pack SOLD OUT. 6 Month Supply still available.

- The 30-can veggie package is no longer available at the sale price (due to the demand they ended the sale two weeks early). You can still get it for $378 but it will most likely be backordered.
- The 1 person, 6 month fuel, food, and water supply kit is still available through November 11th or while supplies last. It is regularly $1199.99 on sale for $930.99.

Click here for details on the packages and to place an order