We recently had the opportunity to meet with Kris from Titan Ready USA and he showed us some of his products that we are excited to share with you. These products are simple but efficient solutions to some preparedness dilemmas we know we have faced and you may have as well. This post covers the Hydrant Water Storage Systems, but be sure to check out the HERC tea light ovens and the Helius Rocket Stove.

Click here to learn more or buy now and use special coupon code FSME10 to save 10% as an introductory rate for all Food Storage Made Easy readers.


The Hydrant Water Storage Systems are 2-4 barrel towers that store 55 gallon barrels of water. You can start with a 2 barrel system and add to them as your storage needs increase. You rotate the water via the bottom barrel that sits high enough that you can fit a 5 gallon bucket beneath it.

Everything you need to stack and connect two 55 gallon water storage barrels. Racks are welded and powder coated here in the USA. Wide base for stability in every emergency situation. Assembles in minutes with aluminum bung wrench (included) and a flat head screwdriver. Water rotation has NEVER been so easy!

Please Note: If you are just getting started in your water storage or on a tight budget, we are not suggesting is where you need to start. Check out BabyStep 2: Water for lots of ideas on getting started. However, having gone through lots of different options, we have found this one to be the most efficient and space-effective. You can also purchase a plumbing kit and attempt to DIY if that’s more your style.

Here is a video of us being introduced to the Hydrant Water Storage Systems with Kris:

Click here to learn more or buy now and use special coupon code FSME10 to save 10% as an introductory rate for all Food Storage Made Easy readers.

Helius Rocket Stove

We recently had the opportunity to meet with Kris from Titan Ready USA and he showed us some of his products that we are excited to share with you. These products are simple but efficient solutions to some preparedness dilemmas we know we have faced and you may have as well. This post covers the Helius Rocket Stove, but be sure to check out the HERC tea light ovens and Hydrant Water Storage Systems as well.

Enter coupon code FSME10 to save 10% on your Helius order. This deal is offered only to our Food Storage Made Easy readers!


We’ve seen a lot of rocket stoves around but this is the first one we have seen that we’ve been really excited to use. This one sits high off the ground and has a great solid base you can cook on without bending over or needing a steady, safe surface to place the stove on. We love that you can use this stove to pressure can, camp, or in an emergency situation. Also this stove can use such a variety of fuels!

Here is a video of us being introduced to the Helius Rocket Stove with Kris:

Helius Rocket Stove

Cook complete meals using nothing but wood scraps and yard debris with the Helius Rocket Stove. The Helius Rocket Stove is a durable, clean alternative to outdoor cooking, using readily available scraps as fuel instead of more costly alternatives like propane or briquettes. The design of the rocket stove heats to cooking temperatures in only a few minutes with only as much fuel as fits in the fuel magazine.

  • Above ground, no crouching to cook
  • Can you it to pressure can your meats if power goes out and your freezer is compromised
  • Large enough to do things with larger pots
  • Very stable and heavy duty
  • Legs are workable to allow for level cooking surface
  • Flammable biomass – burn anything from wood scraps to dry, yard debris
  • Can vary temperatures with amount of wood
  • Quick-release ash drop means you can keep cooking while clearing the chimney of accumulated ash
  • Produces a clean burn – little or no smoke
  • Made by Americans for Americans​

HERC Tea Light Candle Ovens

We recently had the opportunity to meet with Kris from Titan Ready USA and he showed us some of his products that we are excited to share with you. These products are simple but efficient solutions to some preparedness dilemmas we know we have faced and you may have as well. This post covers the HERC tea light ovens, but be sure to check out the Helius Rocket Stove and Hydrant Water Storage Towers as well.

Enter coupon code FSME10 to save 10% on your HERC order. This deal is offered only to our Food Storage Made Easy readers!


While butane stoves are great for stove-top cooking indoors, we have yet to find a good solution for oven cooking indoors. Having a diversified preparedness plan is great to cover yourself in different scenarios. For example, a Sun Oven is great if you don’t have any fuel, but not so great if it’s rainy or you’re trying to be discreet in a crisis. That’s why we recommend having different options. All have their pro’s and con’s.

Here is a video of us being introduced to the HERC XXL with Kris:

The HERC tea light ovens are great for many reasons:

  • Can be used indoors
  • The XXL acts as an oven
  • The Eco acts as a crock pot or dehydrator
  • Can be used discreetly
  • You can fit a standard 9 by 13 pan in the larger one (this is huge)
  • Can get 4 hours of cook time out of 20 tealights in the XXL
  • The fuel is fairly inexpensive, about 40 cents per cooking hour
  • You can store tealights inside safely, indefinitely, and legally
  • The thermal energy cooks the food evenly
  • The stove folds down for easy storage
  • Made by Americans for Americans​


The HERC XXL Oven is the larger oven. Inside cooking dimensions: 18 inch x 11.75 inch x 7.25 inch. Cook anything, anytime, anywhere, regardless of the situation. Bake, cook and dehydrate without the use of electricity or gas, indoors or out. The HERC is extremely portable, durable and economical. The HERCules (Home Emergency Radiant Cooking)™ XXL Oven harnesses the thermal energy from tea light candles, storing it in quarry stones and releasing radiant energy back into your food.

Eco HERC Oven

The Eco HERC oven is the smaller oven. Inside cooking dimensions: 11.75 inch x 11.75 inch x 6 inch Cook anything, anytime, anywhere, regardless of the situation. Bake, cook and dehydrate without the use of electricity or gas, indoors or out. The Eco HERC is extremely portable, durable and economical. The Eco HERC harnesses the thermal energy from tea light candles by releasing radiant energy back into your food.

Preparedness Gift Ideas for Any Budget

Give the Gift of Preparedness - Gift Ideas from Food Storage Made Easy

Tired of all the Black Friday emails?  We understand!  But we also know that this is an amazing time to stock up on great preparedness gifts for your loved ones (or yourself!).  We wanted to share with you a list of preparedness gift ideas for all budgets since this is literally the cheapest you will be able to find these items all year.  Get the most bang for you buck on your preparedness gifts!

Gifts $20 and Under
- $7.99 Crank Hand Can Opener:  Our favorite can opener for opening lots of #10 cans :)
- $10.99 Thrive Potato Dices:  50% off regular retail prices, view other Thrive deals here
- $12 Food Storage Made Easy 3-Part eBook:  50% off, perfect for beginners!

- $18.99 Thrive Blackberries: 50% off regular retail prices, view other Thrive deals here
- $18-$20 Waterbricks:  Save on cost per brick depending on how many you order

Gifts $21-$70
- $24.99 Seychelle Water Filtration Pump:  50% off a filter that pumps from any location
- $34.99 Cansolidator Pantry Plus:  Largest can rotating rack view other rack size here
- $55 InstaFire Fuel Starter:  The easiest way to start a fire or cook food in any conditions
- $69 Lindon Farms Meal Bucket:  Just-add-water meals for $48 off retail price

Gifts $70-$250
- $70.99-$181.99 Thrive Life 6 Pack Bundles:  Exclusive sale through consultants
- $99 Prepare My Life Planner:  Easily create an important documents binder
- $249 Thrive Life Harvest Shelves:  Scroll to bottom, click Food Rotation Systems

Gifts $250 and Above
- $258-$325 – Berkey Water Purifiers:  Big Berkey and Royal Berkey are currently available 
- $319 All-American Sun Oven + Accessories:  Complete accessories package on sale
- $339.99 BOSCH MIXER:  Sale price only available on Monday, great low price
- $2000 Lion Energy Solar Generator:  Limit quantity available, buy early to reserve yours

We know your loved ones lives will be blessed by giving them the gift of preparedness this year, and your pocket books will be blessed by getting the gifts at great prices!

National Preparedness Month Sales and Events


September is National Preparedness Month and many great food storage and preparedness companies put on some great deals to celebrate. We’ve done a round-up of all of the sales going on this month and wanted to share them with you!

Food Storage Made Easy eBook: ON SALE

Our 3-part eBook series is a comprehensive guide to building your food storage using simple checklists to guide you along the way. Included in the series is a recipe eBook and a food storage encyclopedia full of useful information. On sale for just $17 (regularly $24) through September 30th! Click here for details.

Prepare My Life Planners: ON SALE

The Prepare My Life Planner is one of the top-selling products in our online store. It is a family preparedness plan and emergency binder all in one. With custom pouches for documents and instructions to walk you through how to put it all together, this is an invaluable tool. On sale for just $109 (regularly $119) through September 30th. Click here for details.

NutriMill Grain Mill: PRICE DISCOUNTED

One of the top-selling electric wheat grinders, NutriMill has dropped their price down to $219.99 while supplies last. This is the lowest price you can get one of our favorite preparedness tools, so don’t miss out. Click here for details.

All-American Sun Oven: FREE ACCESSORIES

Being able to cook using the sun as your fuel is so valuable in emergency situations. The All-American Sun Oven is a great tool for everyday energy savings as well as emergency usage when the power is out. Through October 31st you can get two free stackable pots with the purchase of a Sun Oven. Click here for details.


This month Emergency Essentials is holding their largest monthly sale ever. You can save up to 66% on some of their best-selling items. No coupon code required, just shop and save. Click here to shop at Emergency Essentials.


To celebrate National Preparedness Month, Thrive Life has put some of their emergency preparedness and SHELVING products on sale. We love when shelves are discounted! There are also some great breakfast items featured in the regular monthly specials.

Utah Prepare Conference and Expo

If you are in the Salt Lake area we highly recommend attending the Utah Prepare Conference and Expo this Saturday, September 27 at the South Towne Expo Center. We will be teaching a powerless cooking class there and would love to say hi to any of our readers who attend. There should be a lot of great classes as well is a big exhibit hall full of awesome preparedness companies. Don’t miss out! Click here to learn more and buy tickets.

Wheat Grinder FAQs

Wheat grinders are a critical part of your food storage plan if you follow traditional food storage calculators and store large amounts of wheat. Without a way to grind the wheat you will have very limited options on the foods you can make with your wheat. It can also be a large investment to get a grinder and you want to make sure you get one that will meet your family’s needs.

Today we are going to go over all of the questions that beginners tend to have when first researching this and hopefully it can help you make the decision for you and your family!


What’s the difference between manual & electric grinders?

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of manual grinders versus electric grinders:
-Basic models are inexpensive (good ones are similar in cost to electric mills)
-Can be used with no power source so they are great for emergency situations
-Many models are very small thus requiring little storage space
-Able to grind items such as oily seeds, nuts, herbs, and coffee that would normally ruin an electric mill
-SLOW to grind (can take 5-20 minutes to grind one cup of flour)
-Except for the higher-end models, you cannot grind grain into a fine flour
-Some models are inconvenient (messy and hard to fit a large bowl underneath)

-Grinds VERY quickly thus making it easy to use in your everyday cooking
-Easy to select how coarse or fine to grind your grains
-Large capacity for grinding a lot of grains/legumes at a time
-Fairly expensive, even for the lower-end models
-Must have a generator or battery pack to use with no electricity (unless you buy a high end model that comes with a manual crank)
-Large appliance to store in your kitchen

Some appliances can also be used to grind wheat either with an attachment or on their own. These are electric appliances but don’t really fall into the same category as an electric grinder.
KitchenAid Attachment: Less expensive than a full grinder, but can burn out the motor
BlendTec Blender: Will grind wheat into a coarse flour
VitaMix Blender: Can grind wheat if you purchase a dry canister
Bosch Family Grain Mill: Come with a hand crank and an attachment to use with the Bosch Mixer

What kinds of foods can you grind in a wheat grinder?

Electric grinder: medium and large grains, smaller grains (with a special attachment), legumes
Manual grinder: all grains and legumes; most nuts, seeds, and herbs
Check out the website willitgrind.com produced by Wondermill to find out exactly what can or can’t be ground with videos of each item.

How do you use a wheat grinder?

This video showcases how to use the Victorio Hand Grinder, WonderMill Electric Mill, and NutriMill Electric Mill.

To see the Wonder Junior Deluxe you can watch starting at 2 mins 30 secs into the video below. These are the mills that we have ourselves.

What recipes can you make using a wheat grinder?

We have posted TONS of recipes that can be made using a wheat grinder over the years. You’ll definitely want to check out our post 17 Ways to Use a Wheat Grinder which gives a summary of some of the best ones.

Can you REALLY make flour using NO ELECTRICITY?

ABSOLUTELY! In this video we use a Victorio Hand Grinder and a cardboard box oven.

What are the most popular brands of wheat grinders?

WonderMill Electric Mill: $239.95 + free shipping
The wondermill is very quiet and clean. It has a small grains attachment to enable you to grind small grains and pastas without clogging the motor. The canister can stack on top of the grinding unit making it tall but a small countertop footprint. There is also a flour bagger attachment that helps you to bag up flour to store in the freezer for later.
NutriMill Electric Mill: $219.95 + free shipping
The NutriMill is slightly louder than the wondermill but is another great mill. It’s nice to be able to just pull the canister straight out of the unit ready to use. In our tests it seems to grind slightly faster than the Wondermill. It is not too tall but does have a larger footprint for your countertops. You can purchase a mini seed mill for $10 that can grind smaller items and oily things that will clog your mill.
Blendtec (K-Tec) Kitchen Mill: $179.95 + free shipping
The Blendtec Mill is louder, slower, and messier than the other two popular electric mills. It will still get the job done and is an adequate mill at a lower price point than the two listed above. But we generally feel like an extra few dollars is worth the better quality of the other mills.
Family Grain Mill: $160-180 for manual, $259 to include a motorized base
The Family Grain Mill can be purchased by itself as a hand grinder, with a Bosch attachment, or with a motorized base. It’s one of the only grinders we’ve seen on the market that can really be both manual and electric.

Victorio Hand Grinder: $50-70 depending where you purchase
This grinder is sometimes called a “Back to Basics” grinder so look for that name too. It doesn’t grind into a very fine flour. It’s nice for emergency use only. We had our facebook readers share how long it takes to grind one cup of flour and it ranged from about 7 minutes to 20 minutes or more. Yikes!
Wonder Junior Deluxe: $219.95 + free shipping
The Wonder Junior is our favorite hand grinder. It is as powerful as the more expensive ones but at a reasonable price range. It takes under 5 minutes to grind 1 cup of flour which is reasonable for weekly usage if you can’t afford an electric mill too. We love that you can make nut butters and grind oily seeds in it using the metal burrs. You can grind very fine for a pastry flour or very coarse for cracked wheat or cornmeal. You can purchase a drill bit attachment or motorized pulley to make grinding easier when you have power. Has a double clamp that attaches to your counter or table.
Country Living Grain Mill: $429
This is one of the most popular wheat grinders for emergency situations. Many people have figured out ways to power this mill using pulleys, you can even attach a bike to it like my Grandma did. It is pricey but is very high quality and has a lifetime warranty. Needs to be screwed into a table to use.

How to Create a Mommy Emergency Car Kit (Gift Idea)

I’ve been working on re-arranging my car kits after I saw a #10 Can Car Kit on Pinterest. I thought fitting it into cans made a lot of sense and would be sturdy and a good way to use up old cans. It’s still a work in progress and I’ll post about it when I have them completed. BUT, it also gave me a great idea for a different type of emergency car kit also using an empty #10 can.

How to Create a Mommy EMERGENCY Car Kit.  Perfect baby shower gift idea for a new Mommy!

My two little sisters both got pregnant with their first babies at the same time and I wanted to do something special for them on their first Mother’s Day. After having 4 kids myself, I’ve learned a few things like “always keep a spare diaper and wipes in the car” because your mental capacity decreases over time and you start to forget your diaper bag more often than you remember it when you are herding 4 children out the door. I decided it would be great to give them a MOMMY emergency car kit that contains small sizes of things they will most likely keep in a diaper bag, but can save them in an emergency where they forget it at home.

Contents List:

Here is everything I included. You can feel free to add or subtract items to fit your needs. Some suggestions from readers are a onesie, or nursing pads and snacks for the mommy.


  • Wet wipes
  • Kleenex
  • Diapers
  • Bottle
  • Formula
  • Binkie
  • Nail clippers
  • Infant Tylenol
  • Band-aids
  • Baby lotion
  • Baby powder
  • Diaper cream
  • Baby wash
  • It was cheaper for me to buy enough items to make 6 kits since I could buy 3-packs of bottles and binkies, and I could split a whole package of diapers and formula packets into 6 kits. It ended up costing about $16 for each kit including the decorating materials. Now I have 4 more gifts ready to go for future baby showers!



  • Clean out an empty #10 can
  • Stuff it full of the items from the contents list above
  • Use cute scrapbook paper to cover the outside of the can
  • Wrap a strip of ribbon around bottom and top of can
  • Tape a circle of matching scrapbook paper onto the lid
  • Print out labels with a contents list and title for the top
  • Feel free to use my printable downloads below:

    - Printables in Word Format (customizable)
    - Printables in PDF Format

    And here are my cute sisters on Mother’s Day with their new car kits :)

    How to Make a Mommy EMERGENCY Car Kit.  Perfect baby shower gift idea for a new Mommy!

    Memorial Day Weekend Sales on Food Storage and Preparedness Items

    Memorial Day is a meaningful holiday where we can remember our loved ones and honor those who have fallen while serving their country. It’s also a time of getting together with family and enjoying each other’s company and having yummy food.

    Several companies have put together some great sales over Memorial Day weekend and we wanted to give you a quick heads up on a couple of the best emergency preparedness and food storage sales going on. All sales are valid for one week (through May 29th at 11:59 pm MST) unless otherwise indicated.

    Memorial Day week long sales on food storage and preparedness items

    HARVEST 72″ #10 CAN SHELF SALE PRICE $224.95

    The popular Harvest Shelves typically retail at $459.99. Even at big box stores the lowest you will see them is $299. For the month of May the 72″ #10 Can Shelf is available ONLY THROUGH CONSULTANTS for a crazy low price of $224.95. This sale price valid through May 31st or while supplies last.
    [Click here for more info or to buy now]


    Chef’s Banquet is giving a generous 60% discount available only to Food Storage Made Easy readers on three of their most popular products. The ARK 390 meal bucket is full of just-add-water meals to provide 2000 calories for one person for 30 days. The fruit bucket is 300 servings of a variety of fruits and the vegetable bucket is 320 servings of a variety of vegetables. We love these deals! This is even cheaper than Costco pricing on these buckets and FREE SHIPPING! Must use coupon code FSME60 for discount (prices listed on page are retail).
    [Click here for more info or to buy now]


    The All-American Sun Oven is a favorite of ours for our powerless cooking needs. The oven is even more useful when you add in some of their special pots/pans and racks. We have worked out an exclusive deal for our readers to get an incredible accessories package for just $25 extra with the purchase of your oven. This is the lowest price you will ever see these listed!
    [Click here for more info or to buy now]


    If you are looking for an easy and complete system for getting your family’s preparedness information in order and into a binder for safekeeping, this planner kit is ideal. Regular price is $119.95 and it usually only sells for $99.95 at Black Friday so this is a great chance to buy at a discount.
    [Click here for more info or to buy now]

    Hope you have a great long weekend and please let us know if you have any questions about any of these items!

    Please pin the image below to share this sale with your friends before it’s over!
    Memorial Day week long sales on food storage and preparedness items

    HUGE SALE on Harvest 72″ #10 Can Shelf

    Have you been eyeballing one of the amazing Thrive Life (formerly called Shelf Reliance) can rotating shelves? We dreamed about having a wonderful rotation system for several years before biting the bullet and getting some ourselves. If this has been on your wish-list for a while, this month is the time to take the plunge! The Harvest 72″ #10 Can Shelf is heavily discounted for this month only.

    Harvest #10 Can Shelf ON SALE in May

    This is the lowest price we have ever seen this shelf! In fact, the price is so low it’s not even available on the Thrive Life website. To get the $224.99 price you must place your order through our secure online order form. Sale ends May 31st or while supplies last

    Details about the Harvest #10 Can Shelf:

    Regular Retail Price: $459.99
    Regular Consultant Price: $264.99
    Promotion Price: $224.99

    The Harvest 72″ #10 can shelf is a revolutionary food rotation system offered by Thrive Lie. Designed to hold 112 gallon size cans, this system offers versatility and convenience by taking the hassle out of can storage. The Harvest 72″ #10 features patented front-loading technology that automatically rotates cans on a first in first out basis. This unique food rotation system guarantees a more organized pantry or storage room in minutes.

    Height 72″
    Depth 24.5″
    Width 36.5″

    58 food label magnets included
    Large tracks hold up to 7 #10 size cans

    Don’t forget to add these accessories to your order:

    Top shelf: We love the top shelf to give you that much more added storage space above your shelf. I stack cases of extra food on top of mine.
    Front shelves: Available in either pantry can or #10 can size, these are great for storing open cans on for easy access, or to just add a few more cans to your shelf unit.
    Side shelves: If you have space on the sides of your shelves you can stack boxes and other items on the side shelves.
    Rivet Hooks: Stick a few hooks on the front of your shelf to hang a can opener, scoops, or measuring cups on. You can even use it to hang your 72 hour kits or other preparedness items.

    40 Ways to Use Your FoodSaver

    We always have fun discussions on our Facebook page and love to get to know all of our readers better over there. We recently asked how people use their FoodSaver or other vacuum sealers and got a TON of great responses. We compiled them all here for a quick, easy-to-read list. If you have a FoodSaver, break it out and start using it for some of these things! If you don’t have one yet, you can check them out at the FoodSaver website.


    40 Ways to Use Your FoodSaver

    Using Foodsaver Bags

    1. Seal cheese to last longer in the fridge
    2. Vacuum seal treats to send overseas to military/missionary family members
    3. Preserve leftovers for freezer meals
    4. Buy bulk meats and split into single recipe portions in freezer bags
    5. Store toiletries and sanitary supplies compacted
    6. Vacuum seal ammunition
    7. Vacuum seal photos to preserve them and keep dry in a disaster
    8. Vacuum seal important documents for preservation
    9. Seal jump drives in 72 hour kits
    10. Seal chocolate for long term food storage
    11. Create homemade ice packs
    12. Reseal chip bags
    13. Waterproofing matches
    14. Freeze fruits and vegetables in bags
    15. Seal any leftovers in the deli containers to last longer in the fridge
    16. Seal partially used vegetables to avoid them going rotten before using
    17. Seal grains and store in the freezer to extend shelf life
    18. Recork bottles of wine
    19. Seal bags of snacks/treats for road trips
    20. Seal shredded zucchini to use in stews/breads/etc.
    21. Trail mix packets for camping
    22. Homemade emergency MRE’s
    23. Seal cereal to extend shelf life
    24. Seal spare clothes for 72 hour kits in large bags to conserve space
    25. Seal spare bedding in large bags
    26. Seal off-season clothes in large bags
    27. Seal turkey leftovers for different meals after Thanksgiving
    28. Freeze homemade soups, then vacuum seal them
    29. Freeze bread loaves

    Using the Foodsaver Jar Attachment

    30. Seal bulk spices in jars
    31. Seal salads in quart jars to make them last longer
    32. Reseal foods from opened #10 cans into mason jars
    33. Dehydrate fruits and seal them in jars
    34. Seal nuts in jars
    35. Seal seeds in jars
    36. Seal chocolate chips in jars
    37. Seal pet food in mason jars to keep it fresher
    38. Store rice and beans sealed in jars
    39. Seal crackers in jars
    40. Meals in a jar!