Common Substitutes, Measurements and Yields

Baking Ingredients, General, Helpful Tools
We recently posted about some info that one of our great readers (Nola) shared with us in a document she put together that had TONS of common substitutions, measurements and yields. We were going to break it up into multiple posts, but then realized it would be hard for you all to use it that way - so we made it into a pdf you can all download! Print it out and put it in your Food Storage Made Easy Ebook Binder (we'll be including this handout in our next free binder email updates - just in case you were wondering).
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Food Storage Substitutions, Measurements, and Yields

Cooking, General, Helpful Tools
We recently posted about a few food storage substitutions we found to be helpful. Well after that post, one of our great readers (Nola) shared with us a document she put together that had TONS of common substitutions, measurements and yields.   She suggested we share it with our readers, and let us tell you, the document is AWESOME. Since it has so much information, we're breaking it up into multiple posts to share. Knowing what foods you can use as substitutes is a great food storage planning tool that allows you to really focus in on WHAT to store. Understanding yields can also be very helpful as you progress towards cooking more whole foods from scratch. Today we'll be covering some common measurement conversions, and over the next few…
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Food Storage Made Easy eBook Binder Updates!

Beyond the Babysteps, food storage books, Helpful Tools
We have just published our first batch of updates for our Food Storage Made Easy eBook Binders! This update includes all of the revised BabyStep Main Pages as well as 9 handouts put together from some of our best blog posts we've done since the binder was created. If you haven't purchased your Food Storage Made Easy eBook Binder yet, we are currently offering a $5 off promotion if you do an educational "assignment" related to the Seven Day Challenge. Click here for more details on how to get the discount! Just think for only $12 (or $17) you get our full binder download plus great updates like these for free FOR LIFE! If you have already purchased a binder but haven't signed up for Free Binder Updates For Life…
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What to do with Extra #10 Food Storage Cans

General, Helpful Tools, Long Term Food Storage
We recently asked our facebook readers what they are doing with those extra #10 cans lying around. Well we had some great ideas and wanted to share them with you. You guys are so awesome and we appreciate you sharing your experience and creativity! Decorate them with printed paper, ribbon, and anything else to make them cute. Fill them with fun stuff (candy, lotion, soaps, etc.) and give them out as presents. Make a #10 can stove for yourself or a gift. Decorate them and then fill them with flowers for center pieces at a party. Use them to store all sorts of things like flour, and wheat from the big plastic buckets, trail mix, homemade crackers, gluten flour, etc. Have your kids decorate them and make drums out of…
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3 Month Food Supply Planning Tools

Helpful Tools, Three Month Supply
We now have tools for EVERYONE to plan their 3 month food supply (and it only took 3 full days to get it all ready for you - so we hope you USE them ;). Up until now we have had this intense and "awesome" spreadsheet. However we're excited to announce two new ways to plan your three month supply - a new and improved excel spreadsheet, and printable forms. The new excel spreadsheet is a lot more intuitive and easy to fill out with the same end results of the old one. We also created printable forms you can use to fill in with good old fashion pens and pencils for those of you who may not have access to excel. The NEW Excel To download the new excel…
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Emergency Preparedness Plan (and PDF’S!!!!)

Emergency Preparedness, Getting Started, Helpful Tools
For those of you who have been to the Fun with Food Storage Party all week, you may already have received the party favor - Our Emergency Preparedness Plan Workbook. We made it in excel because that way you can customize and alter the sheets to fit your families needs. For those of you who don't have excel or "hate" excel, -while Julie (the excel nerd) will never understand HOW that is possible... we have turned all the sheets in the spreadsheet into PDF'S. Your welcome! Thanks to a great comment we received on our Emergency Binder post last week, we added a sheet to the workbook for you to record what you would grab in case of evacuations (pictures, albums, laptop) in order of importance. This is new today…
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Helpful Food Storage Tools

General, Helpful Tools
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know we have added a section to our site called "Helpful Tools".  When we add videos, checklists, spreadsheets, etc. to the site we will compile them all onto this page so that they are easy to find and all in one place.  We've had a lot of people coming to the site looking for the Three Month Food Supply Spreadsheet but don't necessarily know to look on the BabyStep 3 page for it.  So click on the "Tools" tab and see if there is anything you may have missed! p.s. Can you believe tomorrow is the BIG launch?  Just a few more hours and the excitement begins!
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