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Sprouting is the practice of soaking, draining and then rinsing seeds at regular intervals until they germinate, or sprout.

Sprouting and Food Storage

Everyone knows the typical long term food storage foods that are recommended for our storage. Grains, legumes, powdered milk, etc. However, when you look at the calculators you notice a severe shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables due to their short shelf life. What most people don’t realize is that your grains and legumes PROVIDE an automatic source of fresh vegetables for your storage.

Learning the art of sprouting and making sure you have the proper equipment necessary to do it is a huge benefit to adding a lot of nutrition into your food storage diet. We love the idea of practicing these skills now so that if/when the time comes that we NEED to know how to do it, we will be able to easily adjust. And the bonus part is, there are actually a LOT of benefits to growing and eating your sprouts.

Benefits of Sprouting

  • Super healthy (view our Sprouting Overview post for a list of examples)
  • Counts as an actual vegetable in your diet
  • Very inexpensive to sprout your own foods out of your food storage
  • Wide variety of sprouts you can grow/eat (grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, etc.)
  • Lots of versatility in how you can add sprouts to your diet (salads, sandwiches, meat fillers, plain

More Information on Sprouting


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  • Hmoore17

    I have hear a lot of conflicting info about sprouting grains that have been packaged with an oxygen absorber.  Will they or won’t they sprout?  What has been your experience?  I have lots of grains in my food storage, but don’t want to pack them with oxygen absorbers if they won’t sprout…

    • From what I’ve seen the ability to sprout depends more on the age of the items than whether or not it was packaged with an oxygen absorber. There have been a few tests done but I don’t recall exactly where I saw them. The best thing to do is to try it with some of your foods!

  • We were taught how to sprout that kind of seeds during my Gradeschool days, i forgot what happened but i wasn’t able to make it

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  • Have you tried making bread from sprouted wheat? I haven’t, but I understand it can make a more nutritious, softer textured, and easier to digest bread.

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