3 Month Supply Planning and Sharing

Just For Fun, Three Month Supply
Making a plan for what to store in your 3 month supply of food can be challenging and overwhelming. We both have very different styles of planning and cooking so we understand that there isn't a perfect solution that fits every personality, and cooking type. Julie doesn't cook with recipes all that often and likes to have lots of ingredients in her storage then she just creates. Jodi prefers to have a very detailed plan with each meal planned. Whatever your style, make sure you check out our BabyStep 3 Page: 3 month supply. We have a spreadsheet that can help you plan your meals, and then it automatically populates an inventory list and takes the guess work out of figuring out what to buy. Before you start on the…
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Extreme Food Storage Makeover
If you're following Grandma Lori's Extreme Food Storage Makeover, you know that last week we left off with a "to be continued" after Julie asked Lori all the questions to make Grandma Lori's personal 3 month plan. Julie opened up her favorite computer software program.... excel... and went to town putting in Lori's dinner recipes into our 3 month supply planning sheet. We put in 12 different dinners, then repeated the more popular ones to get 30 days of dinners We then watched excel do all the math for a 3 month supply We put in a variety of lunch, snack and breakfast ideas and guessed what she would use in a month and allowed excel to do the math to get us 3 months To see the completed excel…
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Because I Am a Nerd (aka Jodi’s 3 month plan)

Jodi's Progress, Three Month Supply
So I know Julie will mock me for this, but I like to be organized with my cooking and I stink at making up meals out of random ingredients. I also tend to be somewhat of an excel junkie ... thus my 3 month plan is quite detailed. I started by jotting down in a notebook 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 14 dinners, and a few snacks that could be made if no fresh meat/produce was available. Then I multiplied those meals out to get 12 weeks worth of food planned. I pulled out my recipe book and marked down exactly what ingredients I'd need to make those meals the specified number of times. I compiled all of that into an inventory list that I will print and update as I…
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