72 Hour Kits Revisited: Part 1 of 2

72 Hour Kits, Disaster Kits
Today we're sharing ideas about making your own 72 hour kits, and then some options for purchasing them at the end of the post. 72 hour kits are useful for the first 72 hours following some type of emergency/natural disaster. Often times they are used in scenarios where you have to evacuate your home. If you could stick around your home, I'd hope you have more then 3 days worth of food- but that's another story. 72 hour kits typically contain supplies for dealing with disasters along with food and water. Today we're sharing a list of supplies and some great tips we got from reader submissions. Thursday we will be sharing food ideas, along with a planning guide you can use to customize the food in your kits to…
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Food Storage Makeover: Disaster Kits

Disaster Kits, Emergency Preparedness, Extreme Food Storage Makeover
We're so excited about our Extreme Makeover: Food Storage Edition project we are working on with Grandma Lori. We decided to start with getting her Disaster Kits put together. Disaster kits consist of a 3 day supply of food, water, and emergency items). As we went through our Emergency Preparedness worksheets we realized that they might not be ideal for every situation (including Grandma Lori's). We came up with the following 3 options to discuss with her: Pros Inexpensive - if you have a lot of the first aid and emergency items on hand already and purchase food items in bulk at the grocery store Flexibility - Freedom to choose foods for your 72 hour kits that suit your family's needs and preferences Cons Time intensive - Inventorying your materials…
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More 72 Hour Kit Food Ideas

72 Hour Kits
One of the first things we teach you when you are getting started with your food storage is to get an Emergency Preparedness Plan in place. This includes having a Disaster Kit containing 72 Hour Food Kits for every member of your family. In our Getting Started section we have given a great example of how to make a 72 Hour Food Kit using a milk jug. We have always encouraged people to modify this kit to suit the needs of their own family and situation, but people have written asking us for more help with that. So we have come up with a few options which will hopefully be helpful for everyone. Pick the option that works best for you! Detailed Instructions: If you want it laid out for…
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