HOW TO: Turn Off Main Water Supply

How-To Series, Videos
Welcome to the next installment in our "How To" series. As we make new posts we will be compiling them all onto one page so you can easily access all of the previous posts in the series. Visit the "How To: A Helpful Series" page now to check it out! Now on to today's helpful hint: In an emergency situation where your municipal water source could be contaminated, it is important to immediately turn off the water entering your home from the main water line. This will help to prevent contamination and will allow you to use alternate water sources in your home such as: hot water heater, toilet tanks (unless a colored disinfectant was used), water pipes, soft water tanks, etc. Since we did not know how to shut…
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BabyStep 2: Water (revised)

7 Day Challenge
In order to get your ready for the Seven Day Challenge, we are going through revising and cleaning up all our BabySteps. We created the BabySteps to break down the vast amount of information in the "food storage world" when we first got started last summer. From the BabySteps, we developed the BabySteps Checklists as a way to split up the 10 steps over a one year period. We decided it would be good to revise each BabyStep as part of our Summer Crash Course. So jump in and get started ... it's not too late! This week we are covering BabyStep 2: Water (click here to view the full step) Updated key points relating to: Water storage for pets Storing water in multiple sizes of containers Refilling your water…
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Water Storage: Alternate Water Sources

Beyond the Babysteps, Water
In our BabyStep 2: Water Storage page we recommend to store a 2-week supply of water for your family. This should be enough to sustain you through the majority of shorter-term emergencies. But what if water is unavailable for a longer period of time? Do you know where the closest source of water to your house is? Are you sure the water is drinkable? Some people like to have several months to a year worth of water stored (check out these options discussed on the Utah Preppers website), but for a lot of us that just isn't practical. This post will discuss some other means of finding drinking water in case you are not as amazing as the "Preppers" folks are yet ;) Alternate Water Sources Water in your home…
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