Getting Started Raising Chickens

Raising Animals
When I first told Julie I wanted to get chickens and blog about it, her response was "Jodi, that's not FOOD STORAGE MADE EASY!" So here is my preface, you don't have to raise chickens if you want to do food storage. If you are just getting started, make sure to review our "Why Food Storage" series and sign up for our BabyStep Checklists which will walk you through getting your food storage (minus the chickens) over a series of emails for one year. Now, if you are interested in having chickens either for fun, for food, for self reliance, or for an educational experience for your kids ... READ ON! (Hint, it's easier than you think) Getting Started with Backyard Chickens The beginning phases of getting chickens is soooo…
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Getting Started with Backyard Chickens

Self Reliance
Three years ago I swore I didn't have enough time, energy, or desire to do things like bake my own bread, can my own jelly, dehydrate my own foods, or basically do much cooking from scratch at all. It's funny how when you begin to be interested in something it becomes easier to MAKE time. Well another thing I NEVER would have thought I would be doing is raising BACKYARD CHICKENS! Yes Julie thought I was crazy when I cooked up this scheme, but somehow once I got into growing and preserving my own foods, it seemed like a natural progression to want to gradually work towards being even more self reliant. I have shared snippets of this adventure on our Facebook page and quite a few people asked for…
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