What's our FAVORITE appliance for making bread (and all sorts of other yummy things)? What do we sell at our store for the lowest price online with FREE SHIPPING? What's on SALE THIS MONTH? What are we giving AWAY with some of our awesome blogger friends? A BOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! If you are a breadmaker, your heart probably just skipped a beat. Oh how we love our BOSCH mixers. While you're thinking about making bread, and dreaming about a BOSCH, here are some great bread making posts: Check out are FAVORITE bread recipe HERE. If you are new to making bread, you'll want to read our FAQ on breadmaking post here Podcast episode on making Whole Wheat Bread from start to finish An Amazing Giveaway! Fourteen bloggers who are leaders in self-reliance…
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Even though I may risk not winning this myself- I had to share it. Want to know a secret? - I'm a counter snob! There has never been an appliance worthy of living on my counter - until NOW. Too bad I don't own it yet. My mom got a BOSCH mixer for her birthday last December and because she's trying to sell her house right now, she is crazy busy and hasn't found time to use it. SO I STOLE IT. Ummm - BORROWED it. After making close to 20 loaves of bread in 2 weeks just because it's SO EASY I've decided I can't live without it (I gave a lot of the loaves away okay). This machine practically makes the bread for you. MOM PLEASE NEVER TAKE…
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