How to Pressure Can Chicken

Canning, Self Reliance
Depending on where you are in your food storage journey, you may or may not have considered adding canned meats into your storage plans. When I started to work on my three month supply, I realized there were very few meals in my regular cooking that are purely shelf stable. It seemed boring to just have chili or spaghetti for every meal in my plan, and I wasn't getting all of the benefits of stocking up on my regular foods. I decided I would count freezer foods in my three month supply planning, and that helped a little bit. But over time, especially as I've gotten more comfortable with powerless cooking, I've realized that I would really like to have some better shelf stable meal options just in case of…
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Food Storage Recipes: Catalina Chicken

This is a recipe that Julie taught me one Mother's Day several years ago. We were planning a dinner for my mom (the infamous Grandma Lori) and she popped out this way easy and way delicious recipe that his since become a staple in my family. In fact, last night when I made it my kids snarfed it up without one single complaint (if you know my kids you will know how rare that is). Without further ado ... here is the recipe! Catalina Chicken (from the kitchen of Julie) Ingredients: 1 small jar of apricot/pineapple preserves 1 small bottle of catalina salad dressing 1 1/2 - 2 lbs diced chicken Directions: Mix the sauce in a 9x13 pan. Add in the diced chicken. Let marinade for several hours if…
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