Food Storage and Allergies (including gluten free)

Allergies and Food Storage
This isn't the first time we've confessed we're clueless about a specific topic. If you've been around long enough, you'll remember our big Small Spaces Storage Solutions confession. Well we're here to confess again. When it comes to food storage and allergies, especially gluten free (which we get tons of emails about) we just don't know our stuff! Introducing.... Well, we've had one of our readers (who we'll formally introduce soon) offer to do some guest posting on these difficult topics. She already has a great list of ideas to help those with allergies adapt their food storage plans. We also wanted to let you guys ask questions now so that we can have her tailor the posts to fit the most common concerns and questions. So everyone -if you…
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Alternatives to Wheat for Food Storage

Beyond the Babysteps, Grains
In our series featuring Why People Do Food Storage we touched briefly on allergies as one of the "health benefits" of doing food storage. (Please note: Our final article in that series will be posted later this week!) We wanted to go into a little more detail about that since we get quite a few readers asking us what to do if they have wheat allergies since wheat is one of the items we are supposed to store the most of according to traditional food storage calculators. We have two basic recommendations or suggestions for you: 1. Store extra of the other grains According to food storage calculators, one adult should store 300 lbs of grains for a one year supply of food. Of this 300, half of it is…
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