Saving Money On Groceries – WITHOUT COUPONS

I've been meaning to do a follow up post to a post I did about using Deals to Meals to save on my groceries. Something that takes me 3 minutes to do, without clipping a single coupon, or browsing store ads, and SAVES ME tons of money is definitely worth sharing. When the topic of "grocery savings" or "couponing" comes up, the main concern we hear is that you can't buy healthy food with coupons or by using money saving websites. Well sorry - but that's WRONG! I use deals to meals, mainly for my produce and save a ton by price matching. I love it. Today I was without my kids at the grocery store (yes - I know some of you just did a big jealous gasp) and…
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Buying a 3 Month Supply in Bulk

Three Month Supply
Ideally, you will purchase your 3 month supply little by little, while taking advantage of sales. However, maybe you haven't gotten around to it, you haven't been able to afford it, or you don't trust your ability to stay on top of sales. You might not live close to regular grocery stores, or you could have any other reason to not add to your 3 month supply little by little. If any of those reasons to not add to your 3 month supply bit by bit sound like you, you may choose to use your tax refund (or a big chunk of change) and buy a lot of it all at once. When we were helping Grandma Lori with her Food Storage Makeover, she did a big bulk buy for…
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