Blasts from the Past: Learning the Lost Arts of Self Reliance

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If you have been following along with our Extreme Food Storage Makeover you will have already been introduced to my mom, Grandma Lori. I remember growing up we used to eat homemade strawberry jam and bottled peaches and my mom would make alfalfa sprouts on the kitchen counter. As I got older my mom kind of stopped doing those things and when I got married I was so busy I didn't give it a second thought. When we started our blog people started to ask us about some of the "food storage swear words" like gardening, canning, dehydrating, and sprouting and we realized we knew nothing about them. I asked my mom why she never taught me how to can and she said "When you can buy canned tomatoes at…
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Day 9: Food Storage Christmas (fruits and veggies)

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While not critical for sustaining life, fruits and vegetables are a welcome addition to any food storage program for the health benefits, variety, and to help you save money on your day to day grocery shopping. Include the Day 9 Tags to complete today's gift ideas: Options that are Free or Under $1 Gardening Seeds Gardening is a great way to become more self reliant. Try giving a few packs of gardening seeds to help motivate people to get going on gardening. If you know the person doesn't have a lot of space, pick herbs, or things you can grow on kitchen counters. An Option that is $5-$30 Canning Supplies A fun way to start using foods you garden, or buy in season for great prices is by canning them.…
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