Outdoor Cooking aka How to Deep Fry a Turkey

Powerless Cooking
My church does an annual Dutch Oven Cooking night where the men get to cook us dinner and we get to learn all their secrets ;) If you don't have a church group that does this sort of thing, you may be surprised at where you can find something similar. Several years ago we attended a Dutch Oven Cooking demonstration at my local Rec Center that was really informative (and yummy!) This year we were told we would be learning how to deep fry a turkey and I was very curious wondering how that would be possible in a Dutch Oven. Well, turns out it wasn't done on a Dutch Oven but in a propane turkey fryer (so it's still great for outdoor powerless cooking) How to Deep Fry a…
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Dutch Oven Cooking – Oh Boy!

Powerless Cooking, Recipes
A couple of weeks ago I went to a Dutch Oven Cooking demonstration at my community recreation center. They had several different foods to sample and I got to see how they cooked with charcoal on the Dutch Ovens. I stood beside the "cooks" the whole evening and picked their brains about everything. I've never done Dutch Oven Cooking before so I wanted to learn all about it.   I grabbed a handout with some great tips and recipes on it. Here is a compilation of some of what was included:     Protect your dutch oven from wind and rain, or add extra coals to compensate. Remember, it's not an exact science, be ready to add or take away coals as needed (usually add). Cooking meat? Move coals to…
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