Mountain House Sweet and Sour Pork Review

Long Term Food Storage
We get asked about "just add water" meals a lot. Our normal philosophy is to teach a more traditional food storage approach of storing the basics and supplementing with fruits/veggies/meats/etc. However, we do recognize that there is a time and place for having quick easy meal options in your storage as well so we have done a lot of research on the options available. We did a whole post in our "Tax Refund Week" talking about things to consider when buying just add water meals. People always try to pin us down on which company tastes the best because, hey, who wouldn't want their food storage to be delicious if you had to live on it for a whole year? The truth is we've both tasted a lot of foods…
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Water Storage Boxes

When it comes to water storage, one of the most common questions we get is: "What containers should I use?". We have both had these jug containers for the past year and a half, however we have been warned they crack - and cause big messes. In our quest to find a solution, Jodi came across Water Kits from Emergency Essentials while she was at an Emergency Preparedness Fair put on by her church. Here is a run down of the product taken from the website: Basic 25 Gallon Boxed Water Kit When the emergency requires you to evacuate, this kit possibly is, besides your family, the most important item to take with you. After filling, each box weighs approximately 40 lbs. The kit includes five heavy-duty (stackable up to…
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