Just For Fun, Preparing Your Space
Spring is in the air... and with that comes spring cleaning. I admit I buy into the spring cleaning frenzy. I love clearing things out of my house. Recycling, de-cluttering, donating things, and throwing things out makes me happy. Today I wanted to talk about Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Spring cleaning! A few Saturdays ago something happened in our schedule that never happens. We had NOTHING scheduled. Well I got giddy with excitement, pulled out some post-it- notes, and started on a rampage. I wrote down every project I wanted done. I got started working through the projects on my post-it-notes one by one. I placed all of them on my fridge and as I completed a task I pulled the note off. I still have a few more…
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MAY “Get It Done” Challenge: Make that binder

Get it Done Challenge
This month's "Get It Done" challenge is something that we feel really strongly about. In our Emergency Preparedness Plan we discuss having a 72 hour kit that you can grab and go in an emergency with 3 days of food and water as well as supplies. One of the key parts of that kit is to have an "Emergency Binder" full of all of your family's important documents that you would not want to lose should you not be able to return to your home. The emergency binder part of the plan is often neglected for any of these reasons: It's a hassle to collect all the documents You don't know WHERE all your documents are You worry about security You don't have a good binder, dividers, sheet protectors, etc.…
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Best of Food Storage Made Easy 2013

Site News
We are so excited to start a new year of building our food storage, learning new skills, and helping our families become more prepared. Next week we will be sharing our 2013 New Year's Resolutions with you and encouraging you to work on your own. But this week we wanted to give you a recap of some of our most popular posts from last year in case you missed any of them along the way. 3 BIGGEST HIGHLIGHTS THIS YEAR Our entire website organize and categorized to make it easy to access everything in one place. Complete revision of our Emergency Preparedness Plan with more detail and better format. Brand new 3-Part eBook program to help you build your food storage and learn to use it. Other Helpful Posts Homemade…
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National Preparedness Month and the SEVEN DAY CHALLENGE

7 Day Challenge
Welcome to September! In case you didn't know, September is National Preparedness Month, so you will probably be hearing lots about it on all of your favorite food storage and emergency preparedness blogs. Today we wanted to introduce you to a little fun activity that we do each September and invite you to join us and participate. Back in 2009 Julie and I got this crazy idea that we should do a little "fire drill" and one day just email all of our readers and tell them a big "emergency" happened that we would all work through together. As we thought about how we could do this, we eventually came up with the idea to do a 7 Day Challenge in conjunction with National Preparedness Month. The Challenge became a…
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What's our FAVORITE appliance for making bread (and all sorts of other yummy things)? What do we sell at our store for the lowest price online with FREE SHIPPING? What's on SALE THIS MONTH? What are we giving AWAY with some of our awesome blogger friends? A BOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! If you are a breadmaker, your heart probably just skipped a beat. Oh how we love our BOSCH mixers. While you're thinking about making bread, and dreaming about a BOSCH, here are some great bread making posts: Check out are FAVORITE bread recipe HERE. If you are new to making bread, you'll want to read our FAQ on breadmaking post here Podcast episode on making Whole Wheat Bread from start to finish An Amazing Giveaway! Fourteen bloggers who are leaders in self-reliance…
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Emergency Preparedness Plan: Whats New?

Emergency Preparedness
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW PLAN Last week for our 5th year Blogging Anniversary we introduced our brand new Emergency Preparedness Plan. Today we wanted to talk a little bit more in depth about the plan. Here are some of the main differences and additions: WHAT'S THE SAME: The three main sections are still the same: Family Plan, Disaster Kits, Evacuation Lists. There's still room for you to fill in emergency contact info and other important components of your family plan. We still give a menu of food for you to put in your 72 hour kits (and other necessary items for cooking, etc.) We continue to talk about the necessities needed to keep your car stocked and having a game plan for things you would grab in case…
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Happy 5th Birthday to Food Storage Made Easy!

Events, Just For Fun
We passed our 5th blogiversary this summer and still kind of can't believe we have been at this for 5 YEARS! It's amazing how much changes in 5 years (like adding 4 more kids between the two of us), and how much we still have to learn. To celebrate this event, we wanted to say thank you to your our devoted and faithful readers with 3 PRETTY AWESOME surprises that we put together. Has Food Storage Made Easy helped you? We would really appreciate if you shared some of these things with your friends and family who may be interested. Pin them, share links on facebook, or forward our monthly newsletter on. It helps us get new readers and be able to teach even more people about getting prepared, which…
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Getting Started Raising Chickens

Raising Animals
When I first told Julie I wanted to get chickens and blog about it, her response was "Jodi, that's not FOOD STORAGE MADE EASY!" So here is my preface, you don't have to raise chickens if you want to do food storage. If you are just getting started, make sure to review our "Why Food Storage" series and sign up for our BabyStep Checklists which will walk you through getting your food storage (minus the chickens) over a series of emails for one year. Now, if you are interested in having chickens either for fun, for food, for self reliance, or for an educational experience for your kids ... READ ON! (Hint, it's easier than you think) Getting Started with Backyard Chickens The beginning phases of getting chickens is soooo…
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Making the Most of Your Money When Purchasing Food Storage (aka Tax Refund Week)

Tax Return Week
Welcome to Tax Refund Week! We often get asked the question "I got some gift money, or I inherited some money - what would you recommend I purchase?". Talk about a LOADED question. The answer always ends up being: "Well.... it depends". In this series, we are going to answer that question. There isn't a universal answer for this, but by going through each topic below, we're confident you will have a good idea about what may be right for you - should you get a nice tax refund or other unexpected "extra" money! Back to the answer always ends up being: " depends". The reason it depends is because not everyone has the same diets, lifestyles, monthly budgets for Food Storage, and ability or desire to rotate their Food…
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