Basic CPR and  First Aid Tips

Basic CPR and First Aid Tips

First Aid
I mentioned on our Facebook page last week that I had attended a first aid and CPR class at my local church. I learned a lot and wanted to share some of my notes of what I was taught with you here. I would strongly encourage you to take an official CPR class to get more formal instructions. Click here to search for one in your area. "New" CPR Guidelines This was not a formal CPR class but it was great to get a handle on the general principles. There have been some changes to what the American Heart Association recommends for people to know about performing CPR. Since 2008 they have been encouraging all Americans to learn Hands-Only CPR in order to be able to potentially save the life…
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First Aid and Preparedness

Alternative Medicines, First Aid
First Aid is something that we have touched on a little on this blog but never really went too in depth on it. When we did our group book read of the book One Second After, one of the things that struck me most was how vulnerable to medical problems we all would be without outside help. Long Term Medicine Storage We recently had a friend do a guest post for us about keeping a natural medicine cabinet on hand for emergency situations, but there are also just a lot of first aid techniques that are good to know and other items besides medicines that you need to store. First Aid Guide Books We wanted to put together a little quick guide for you that you could print out, but…
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Day 11: Food Storage Christmas (non-food items)

Christmas Gifts, Non-Food Items
Although Food Storage (and Christmas for that matter) are a lot about food, we can't forget the non-food items that are important and necessary to store! Remember to share some of these ideas and cuten them up with ribbons and the Day 11 Tags: Options that are Free or Under $1 Tube of Toothpaste Do we need to explain much here? An Option that is $5-$30 Package of Toilet Paper Again, enough said :) First Aid Supplies A nice gift would be a simple First Aid Kit. If you want to expand on that you can also include other basic medicines or first aid tools that don't normally come in a kit. Don't forget your Day 11 Tags, especially if you bought them toilet paper. hehe. A More Expensive Option…
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