Day 12: Food Storage Christmas (checklists)

BabySteps, Christmas Gifts
Once you have complete the first 11 days for a friend, or family member, it's time for them to keep the journey going themselves. To help them do that, we have our BabyStep Checklists: Options that are Free or Under $1 Free Email Checklists Have the person you are giving to sign up for our free email checklists. You could even sign up for them with their email address and print out the first checklist for their gift. The checklists last for one year and are sent every 2 weeks. After following the 26 checklists they will have a full food storage for one person. An Option that is $5-$30 Food Storage Made Easy 3 Part eBook Program Compiled into a 3 part ebook program is all of our 26…
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Day 11: Food Storage Christmas (non-food items)

Christmas Gifts, Non-Food Items
Although Food Storage (and Christmas for that matter) are a lot about food, we can't forget the non-food items that are important and necessary to store! Remember to share some of these ideas and cuten them up with ribbons and the Day 11 Tags: Options that are Free or Under $1 Tube of Toothpaste Do we need to explain much here? An Option that is $5-$30 Package of Toilet Paper Again, enough said :) First Aid Supplies A nice gift would be a simple First Aid Kit. If you want to expand on that you can also include other basic medicines or first aid tools that don't normally come in a kit. Don't forget your Day 11 Tags, especially if you bought them toilet paper. hehe. A More Expensive Option…
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Day 10: Food Storage Christmas (comfort foods)

Christmas Gifts, Comfort Foods
NOW THIS feels like Christmas. We had plenty ideas for this part of the 12 days of Christmas. Feel free to use some of these, or choose your own. Comfort foods are definitely things people need in time of any type of crisis: Options that are Free or Under $1 Candy Bar or Pudding Mix Even just a candy bar or 2 in your storage for just in case scenarios are great. Pick up the person's favorite one and surprise them with a little treat to have in time of need (and tell them they can't eat it right away, they have to store it ;) Tie a cute ribbon around the candy bar and add the Day 10 Tags and you're all set. An Option that is $5-$30 Holiday…
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Day 9: Food Storage Christmas (fruits and veggies)

Christmas Gifts, Dehydrating, Fruits and Vegetables, Gardening
While not critical for sustaining life, fruits and vegetables are a welcome addition to any food storage program for the health benefits, variety, and to help you save money on your day to day grocery shopping. Include the Day 9 Tags to complete today's gift ideas: Options that are Free or Under $1 Gardening Seeds Gardening is a great way to become more self reliant. Try giving a few packs of gardening seeds to help motivate people to get going on gardening. If you know the person doesn't have a lot of space, pick herbs, or things you can grow on kitchen counters. An Option that is $5-$30 Canning Supplies A fun way to start using foods you garden, or buy in season for great prices is by canning them.…
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Day 8: Food Storage Christmas (baking ingredients)

Baking Ingredients, Christmas Gifts
Baking Ingredients are necessary for you to be able to make a lot of recipes using your grains and legumes. There are a variety of ingredients found in this category, so be creative if one of these ideas isn't available in your local stores. Add the Day 8 Tags to whichever option you choose: Options that are Free or Under $1 Extra Container of Salt Salt is one of those things that you run out of, and don't necessarily think of storing. Find or buy a container of salt and make it cute with ribbons, or put it in a gift bag, and remind them Food Storage isn't just grains and legumes. An Option that is $5-$30 A #10 Can of Powdered Milk or Powdered Eggs Powdered Milk can be…
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Day 7: Food Storage Christmas (legumes)

Christmas Gifts, Legumes, Sprouting
Next up on our list is Legumes! Legumes can be very intimidating to a lot of people so this is a great one to help people realize they aren't so bad. Here are some ideas to help people use, and understand legumes a little better: Options that are Free or Under $1 12 Bean Soup Purchase a 1 lb bag of 12 bean soup mix from the grocery store. Tie a ribbon around it and include the Day 7 Tags. If you want to be really ambitious you can include this 12 Bean Soup Recipe on a cute recipe card too. It's delicious! An Option that is $5-$30 Sprouting Kit Ever tried sprouting? Well if you know someone who wants to get into the really good stuff, give them this…
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Day 6: Food Storage Christmas (grains)

Christmas Gifts, Giveaways, Grains, Long Term Food Storage, Wheat
Now we're on to the real nuts and bolts of Food Storage. Help someone out this holiday season by showing them how to actually USE their Food Storage. Day 6 is going to start the actual food items with GRAINS. Make sure to add your Day 6 Tags to whichever gift option you choose. Options that are Free or Under $1 Blender Wheat Pancake Mix If you haven't tried making Blender Wheat Pancakes you are missing out! This is something easy you can make that uses wheat with no wheat grinder required. Put the ingredients in a baggie, tie a ribbon around it and a recipe card with instructions. Don't forget to add the Day 6 tag as well. It wont cost you much, but will surely impress and motivate…
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Day 5: Food Storage Christmas (long term education)

Book Reviews, Christmas Gifts, Long Term Food Storage
A lot of people have a hard time storing all the "Food Storage" type foods because they have no idea how much to store, or how to use it. Use these great ideas to help people get going and don't forget to add the cute Day 5 Tags: Options that are Free or Under $1 Print-Out of Long Term Needs Here is a handout that includes instructions and a food storage calculator that you can print out, tie a ribbon around, add the cute Day 5 Tags, and give to someone. This will help them determine quantities of foods to purchase based on their family size. An Option that is $5-$30 Favorite Food Storage Recipe Delivered Since it IS Christmas, try baking one of your favorite food storage recipes and…
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Day 4: Food Storage Christmas (3 month plan)

Christmas Gifts, Three Month Supply
It's recommended before getting heavily into storing "long term foods" such as grains and legumes, to start with a 3 month supply of foods you typically eat. Ideally you'll start gradually using your grains and legumes in foods you typically eat, but before getting overwhelmed with that ... start with your typical foods: Options that are Free or Under $1 Planning Sheets Print out these worksheets to help someone get started on their 3 Month Plan. There is an Instruction Sheet, a Menu Plan Sheet and an Inventory Sheet. You will need to print the Menu Plan Sheet multiple times depending on how many different meals you want to plan. There is also a video tutorial to go along with these forms found here. Put the printed worksheets in sheet…
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Day 3: Food Storage Christmas (water)

Christmas Gifts, Water
Water is the most necessary item to have stored! You can last without food for much longer then you can last without water. Make sure you stress the importance of water storage as you help people get started. Whichever option you choose, don't forget to add your Day 3 Tag! Options that are Free or Under $1 Water in Juice/Pop Jugs Did you know you can store water in Pop or Juice bottles. This a great little token to give someone to help them get started. Put a ribbon around it and add your Day 3 Tag to make it cute. Make sure you don't use empty milk jugs - the plastic in milk jugs will deteriorate. An Option that is $5-$30 Water Filter While we DEFINITELY recommend STORING water,…
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