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For those of you who have purchased our Food Storage Made Easy Binder eBook, we have just released the next batch of FREE UPDATES to the binder. These are some of our best and most informative posts from the past few months put into a nice printable format to match the rest of your binder. You can add them in to the relevant sections of your binder thus you are always improving the materials you have available in case of a powerless emergency where you can't access these things online. If you have purchased a binder in the past and did NOT receive an email from us today with the updates, please email us at and we will trouble-shoot the problem for you. If you haven't purchased your binder…
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Food Storage Made Easy eBook Binder Updates!

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We have just published our first batch of updates for our Food Storage Made Easy eBook Binders! This update includes all of the revised BabyStep Main Pages as well as 9 handouts put together from some of our best blog posts we've done since the binder was created. If you haven't purchased your Food Storage Made Easy eBook Binder yet, we are currently offering a $5 off promotion if you do an educational "assignment" related to the Seven Day Challenge. Click here for more details on how to get the discount! Just think for only $12 (or $17) you get our full binder download plus great updates like these for free FOR LIFE! If you have already purchased a binder but haven't signed up for Free Binder Updates For Life…
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Food Storage Made Easy eBook NOW AVAILABLE!!!

YAY! The eBook is now available!!! Full details and purchasing information can be found on the Food Storage Made Easy Binder Page or you may purchase it immediately by clicking the BUY NOW button above. We'd like to send out a huge thank-you to everyone who entered the giveaway to win a free copy of our eBook. We read each and every email and are so grateful to have readers as wonderful as you all. Now on to the winners: GIVEAWAY WINNERS The 7 winners randomly selected from all email entries are: 1. Cheyenne Robertson 2. Tiffany Mitton 3. Debbie Lambson 4. Melissa Karren 5. Rylee Elizabeth 6. Leila Gardunia 7. Heidi Roylance And the 3 people who we felt were the most passionate and excited about spreading the news…
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