No Internet? No Problem… NOT!

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So while I have been moving into my new house I have been without internet for a couple of weeks. Part of it has been nice (the part that Jodi has been covering most of the emails and what not) but it's made me go a little crazy! Something we've talked about before, and I always knew, is that if there were some kind of emergency where there was no power (or internet) how many of your resources would be lost. I rely so heavily on the internet for information, and recipes. The past couple of weeks has re-confirmed to me how important it is to have your "stuff" OFFline. One great way to have information off line is through books, printed recipes, and your Food Storage Made Easy Binder.…
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Book Review: Yes, You Can!

Book Reviews, Self Reliance
Please note: This is part of a series of reviews we are doing on food storage, emergency prep, and self-reliance type books. For more reviews click here.   Yes, You Can! And Freeze and Dry It, Too by Daniel Gasteiger  Background: The "Yes, You Can!" book is like a Ball Canning Guide meets "The Pioneer Woman" meets "Our Best Bites". Thus it equals total heaven for me. Up to date recommendations on modern processing times and proper procedures like the Ball guides include, beautiful picture tutorials like I love from The Pioneer Woman, and helpful tips along the way like Our Best Bites provides with so many of their recipes. Whether you are an expert at canning and other home preservation techniques, or a beginner who is a little intimidated to…
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Book Review: Emergency Food in a Nutshell

Book Reviews
Please note: This is part of a series of reviews we are doing on food storage, emergency prep, and self-reliance type books. For more reviews click here.    Emergency Food Storage in a NutshellSimply Planned and Simply Deliciousby Leslie D. Probert and Lisa L. Harkness Background: A few months ago we presented at a food storage fair and had the chance to meet tons of great people in the food storage industry. We happened upon Leslie Probert and she told us that she thought what we were doing with helping people get their food storage was great. This was a huge compliment coming from Leslie as she as a long-term food storage expert who teaches at BYU Education Week, has a regular column in the MormonTimes and is the author…
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Healthy Food Storage, Book Review, Conference Discount

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Julie doesn't normally ramble... but when "Healthy Food Storage" is the topic- she does. Keep reading, the end is the best! Remember our "Why Food Storage?" series we did awhile back. Lately I have been learning a LOT about two of the reasons for Food Storage that would surprise you. It's not the natural disasters, economic, or even every day reasons. What I'm learning about more lately is the health benefits and religious reasons but it's shocking to me how intertwined they actually are! In our series we mentioned that the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints counsels it's members to build a food storage. On our facebook discussion page, we were thrilled to hear from readers who are not members of the LDS church who likewise have…
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