We Heart Pinterest Day 3: Books We Love

Book Reviews, food storage books, Pinterest
Since we LOVE Food Storage, and LOVE Pinterest (see post here), each day until February 14th, we'll be showing you some of our favorite Pinterest boards and neat things we have found and have pinned there! It's so great to see and share what others have done. Today we are highlighting our Books We Love board. This board is full of books we love and like to keep on hand in case of emergency. While the internet is great, you can't always count on it being there in case of emergency! To see the whole board, click here. PIN 1: We've pinned our ebook to our Books We Love board, since it's been such a great resource for helping people plan, buy, and use their food storage. PIN 2: The…
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Day 5: Food Storage Christmas (long term education)

Book Reviews, Christmas Gifts, Long Term Food Storage
A lot of people have a hard time storing all the "Food Storage" type foods because they have no idea how much to store, or how to use it. Use these great ideas to help people get going and don't forget to add the cute Day 5 Tags: Options that are Free or Under $1 Print-Out of Long Term Needs Here is a handout that includes instructions and a food storage calculator that you can print out, tie a ribbon around, add the cute Day 5 Tags, and give to someone. This will help them determine quantities of foods to purchase based on their family size. An Option that is $5-$30 Favorite Food Storage Recipe Delivered Since it IS Christmas, try baking one of your favorite food storage recipes and…
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