The Potluck Problem

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We had a fun pot luck in my neighborhood today, and of course, I forgot it was even going to happen. About 25 minutes before it was going to start, my friend called me up and asked if I was coming. FOOD STORAGE to the rescue. I decided to do the whole, "sneak" food storage into a dish trick. Remember I did this a long time ago with a dessert? I still feel sneaky about that one. The theme of the pot luck was salads, so I decided to make a pasta salad. I've been using my freeze-dried chicken a lot lately. I admit, it's a little bit due to how busy I've been. Having chicken cooked, and cut all ready to go, has saved my eating out budget a…
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7 Sneaky Ways to Feed Your Family Food Storage

Just For Fun, Long Term Food Storage
Do you have family members who are reluctant to try your food storage experiments? Are you worried about having tons of food in your basement that no one will eat? Try out these 7 tricks for getting your family to eat food storage ... and like it! 1. Cook your regular family meals Don't crack open a food storage cookbook and make something totally foreign for your family. Take your regular recipes and try substituting out one or two items with "food storage" items. Chances are no one will even know the difference. Click here to check out some ideas for substitutions using some of our favorite recipes from a food blog we love. 2. Make a dessert! Jodi's dad (and Julie's father-in-law) swears that he can taste whole wheat…
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