Wheat Recipes
Pizza is a FAVORITE around here. Whether it be take-out, gourmet, or homemade we are always up for pizza. Today we wanted to share with you 3 different ways to make homemade pizza dough. Depending on your time frame and preferences one of these will for sure be a hit! The fastest way to make pizza dough is with Thrive's new Country White Bread Dough. All you have to do is add water and yeast. It's so easy even Julie's boys help make it. The dough is great for bread, rolls, scones, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and PIZZA DOUGH. We like this as an option when we really didn't plan ahead and want a quick meal we know our family will love. Use this dough with any of your favorite pizza…
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Just For Fun, Preparing Your Space
Spring is in the air... and with that comes spring cleaning. I admit I buy into the spring cleaning frenzy. I love clearing things out of my house. Recycling, de-cluttering, donating things, and throwing things out makes me happy. Today I wanted to talk about Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Spring cleaning! A few Saturdays ago something happened in our schedule that never happens. We had NOTHING scheduled. Well I got giddy with excitement, pulled out some post-it- notes, and started on a rampage. I wrote down every project I wanted done. I got started working through the projects on my post-it-notes one by one. I placed all of them on my fridge and as I completed a task I pulled the note off. I still have a few more…
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Jodi’s 2014 Food Storage Resolutions

Food Storage Resolutions
Last week, Julie shared her 2014 Food Storage Goals with you, and now it's MY turn. I have always loved setting goals, but definitely struggle with the follow-through. So this year I'm going to be using these cute worksheets to help me come up with steps to start working on them asap and to really detail WHY I am doing these goals. I hope this will help me to keep referring back to them and working on them throughout the year. Try one new recipe per week. Sometimes I get in a cooking rut. I actually LOVE to cook and love to try new recipes. But I HATE how stressful it feels with four little "helpers", busy busy afternoons, and picky eaters. It sort of zaps the fun out of…
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Julie’s 2014 Food Storage Goals

Food Storage Resolutions
I guess this is old news at this point but HAPPY NEW YEARS! We hope you are all doing well and motivated for another great year of building and using your Food Storage. We were pretty quiet here and on facebook, as we spent some extra time with our families who were home from school and other obligations. Now that we're back into the swing of things we wanted to start off the year by sharing our 2014 Food Storage goals with you. It's become somewhat of a tradition on the blog and it provides us with a road map of things to work on for the year. Today Julie will be the one sharing her goals, check back later this week for Jodi's goals. Be smarter about meal planning.…
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Best of Food Storage Made Easy 2013

Site News
We are so excited to start a new year of building our food storage, learning new skills, and helping our families become more prepared. Next week we will be sharing our 2013 New Year's Resolutions with you and encouraging you to work on your own. But this week we wanted to give you a recap of some of our most popular posts from last year in case you missed any of them along the way. 3 BIGGEST HIGHLIGHTS THIS YEAR Our entire website organize and categorized to make it easy to access everything in one place. Complete revision of our Emergency Preparedness Plan with more detail and better format. Brand new 3-Part eBook program to help you build your food storage and learn to use it. Other Helpful Posts Homemade…
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National Preparedness Month and the SEVEN DAY CHALLENGE

7 Day Challenge
Welcome to September! In case you didn't know, September is National Preparedness Month, so you will probably be hearing lots about it on all of your favorite food storage and emergency preparedness blogs. Today we wanted to introduce you to a little fun activity that we do each September and invite you to join us and participate. Back in 2009 Julie and I got this crazy idea that we should do a little "fire drill" and one day just email all of our readers and tell them a big "emergency" happened that we would all work through together. As we thought about how we could do this, we eventually came up with the idea to do a 7 Day Challenge in conjunction with National Preparedness Month. The Challenge became a…
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All About Rice

In BabyStep 5: Grains we give you a long list of grains which can/should be part of your food storage. We really have focused a lot on wheat as it is one of the most versatile grains and is really a staple of any "food storage diet". However, today we want to go over some details on another very common grain that people often include in their storage ... RICE! Types of Rice There are over 40,000 different varieties of rice, but people generally store only the most common ones. In general we recommend storing the type that your family prefers to eat, but there are some shelf life considerations with that. Long, Medium, Short Rice can be categorized by the kernel shape/size. Long rice is three times as long…
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Happy 5th Birthday to Food Storage Made Easy!

Events, Just For Fun
We passed our 5th blogiversary this summer and still kind of can't believe we have been at this for 5 YEARS! It's amazing how much changes in 5 years (like adding 4 more kids between the two of us), and how much we still have to learn. To celebrate this event, we wanted to say thank you to your our devoted and faithful readers with 3 PRETTY AWESOME surprises that we put together. Has Food Storage Made Easy helped you? We would really appreciate if you shared some of these things with your friends and family who may be interested. Pin them, share links on facebook, or forward our monthly newsletter on. It helps us get new readers and be able to teach even more people about getting prepared, which…
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Long Term Food Storage
Here is a great compilation of 17 recipes and ways to use your Wheat Grinder. Our favorite Wheat Grinders are the WonderMill and NutriMill electric mills. We sell them for the lowest prices available online at our online store. Enjoy these recipes and happy cooking! WonderMill is currently having a February special and you can pick up an electric mill for just $179.95. That is the LOWEST price we have ever been able to sell one of these machines so grab yours now if you've been waiting to get one. GRIND BEANS FOR BEAN FLOUR Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup Julie LOVES to make a healthy and cheap version of cream of chicken soup using just dry beans and chicken bouillon, it's amazing!  See how she includes it in this…
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How to Make Omelets Freeze-Dried Style

Two years ago Julie and I won a trip to Cancun and we both brought our husbands and made a fun trip out of it. My husband and I fell in love with this breakfast place there that had the most amazing custom-made omelets. When we got home we had a little bit of an obsession with trying to recreate these omelets. (Our backyard chickens were still laying like champions so we had no shortage of eggs to try it out on every morning.) The problem was that we kept running out of the fresh veggies needed for the omelets. One day I was really wanting one of the famous omelets but had no peppers or tomatoes in the house. So I ventured to the basement and pulled a few…
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