Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe from Pinterest — food storage style

AND THE WINNER OF THE"Our Best Bites" giveaway RITA ROBERTSON! Email us at info @ foodstoragemadeeasy. net with your address and we'll get it out! If you are on Pinterest you have probably seen this Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe go around several times (we just pinned it to our recipes board so you could find it easily). It always looks so delicious and it has been on my personal "recipes-to-try" board forever. Well I finally got ambitious enough to make it the other night. While I was chopping up the chicken bits I had this little conversation with myself: I sure do hate chopping up chicken I love having freeze-dried chicken that is already chopped and ready to go This is taking forever, I need a Diet Coke…
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Incorporating Meat Into Your Food Storage

Meats are something that many people to do not tackle early on in their food storage adventures because they can seem intimidating. There are many different ways that you can add meats into your food storage plan to add a little bulk, protein, and variety to your meals. We love that by storing meats, you can continue to make many of your favorite recipes even in the case of an emergency where you can only live exclusively on your food storage. Incorporating Meats into Your Food Storage Meats are generally not included in basic Long Term Food Storage Calculators. It is expected that you will get your protein from legumes. However, if you can add some form of meat into your storage it opens up a lot more possibilities for…
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Food Storage Enchilada Pie! FOR REAL!

Cooking From Scratch, Recipes
This is a recipe I have been making for a couple years. I first introduced you to it in a blog post with some fun challenges to help you use your food storage items more often. The post came with challenges such as cooking your dry beans instead of using canned, making bean flour cream of chicken instead of using canned, and making whole wheat tortillas from scratch. The challenges and post can be found here. Well, then I found a homemade enchilada sauce and posted about that here. Well last week I brought it to the NEXT FOOD STORAGE LEVEL! I tried it using freeze dried chicken and freeze dried cheese. I always justified the chicken and cheese in there by saying I keep a 3 month supply in…
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