CREAMY POTATO SOUP (Food Storage and Fat-Free Style)

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When I got married, my mother-in-law (Jodi's mom - known as Grandma Lori around here) gave me a very special gift. She had each of my relatives and close friends fill out a recipe card or two of their favorite, most trusted recipes. I LOVE that little box of recipe cards because it contains a lot of family favorites that my husband and I both grew up loving from our aunts, grandparents etc. One of my go-to recipes out of that box has been my Aunt Debbie's Vegetable Cheese Chowder (We call it Creamy Potato Soup). Over the years I've figured out a way to incorporate my food storage into this soup AND make it virtually fat free!. Through some creative cooking techniques (removing the flour, milk, and butter) I…
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NEW PRODUCT: Lindon Farms

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Another booth we stopped at while at the Self Reliance Expo was Lindon Farms. Lindon Farms is a Food Storage company that sells meals, and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. We have always been BIG advocates for traditional food storage - and we STILL are. Meaning: store grains, and legumes, learn to cook with them, and make that the bulk of your food storage. However, there are situations where you may want just add water meals. In times of natural disaster, or powerless cooking, having quick meals on hand to just add water could definitely ease stress. Also, if you're not into canning, fruits and vegetables is probably something you've been feeling is lacking in your food storage. We became dealers of Lindon Farms because their products solve these two obstacles…
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