How-To Video: Canning Applesauce

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Halloween is almost upon us, thus canning season is about to move over to make room for BAKING season :) I was scrambling to finish up a batch of applesauce before I left on a vacation last week. I wanted to do a little video tutorial to add to the step-by-step photo instructions I put together a few years ago. Hopefully it is helpful for you if you are new to canning! How to Can Applesauce Tattler Reusable Canning Lids In the video I mentioned using reusable canning lids. I gave a more in depth review of the lids a few weeks ago in my post about canning peaches. They are awesome and I can't wait to get more. Yay!
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Is It Your Canning Season Yet? Start Planning!

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It's so fun having blog readers all over the country and even the world. We get to hear about what people are doing in their gardens and what fruits are coming in their area, and everyone's situation is so different. We know a lot of you will have canning season coming up shortly, so start planning now so you can be ready if you see something come on sale! There was a time where neither of us thought that we had the time, energy, knowledge, or desire to learn how to can. I finally broke down and begged my mom to give me instructions on how to make her strawberry jam when she moved out of state from me for two years and I couldn't steal from her supply. When…
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