Let’s Talk About Legumes

In BabyStep 6 we cover legumes and recommend that you store 60 pounds per person. Most people think that legumes are just a fancy word for dried beans, but there are quite a few other types of legumes that you may want to consider storing for variety and for different health benefits. Let's go over a review of dried beans and then go into some detail about some of the other legumes. Dried Beans Overview Dried beans are a great source of protein, especially when combined with a whole grain. They have a long 30 year shelf life and can be used for many things. You can grind them into bean flour to use as a thickener or base for cream of chicken soup. You can mash them up and…
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Greek Lentil Soup Recipe

Lentil Recipes
Something I love about where I live is that I have a lot of friends and neighbors interested in eating healthy, and willing to share ideas and recipes. My friend was telling me about a lentil soup she made, and I thought to myself... hmmm I have lentils...that I NEVER use...I should try this recipe. Well here's the thing about lentils. They are a quick cooking legume. Most legumes take a long time to cook, but lentils cook fast. Having said that, this recipe tells you to simmer for a couple hours. I am not sure why, but I do know that I have made it WITH the simmer and WITHOUT, and I prefer the simmer. It made it a little more mushy. For some reason, I'm okay with a…
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How to Grow Sprouts

Jodi's Progress, Legumes, Sprouting
My gardening bug bit me already this year. But since it's still a little early to REALLY get started I decided to have a go at sprouting. We have heard that sprouts are really good for you and a GREAT food storage item (so watch for some future posts about the benefits/usages/etc.) but for now check out what I've learned so far. A few weeks ago, I was talking to my mom (affectionately known as GrandmaLori around here) about sprouting as I can remember doing alfalfa sprouts with her when I was little. She just happened to have an old sprouting container that she inherited from her grandmother that she doesn't ever use and she let me "borrow" it for my adventures. This sprouting container is pretty neat but the…
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