Day 11: Food Storage Christmas (non-food items)

Christmas Gifts, Non-Food Items
Although Food Storage (and Christmas for that matter) are a lot about food, we can't forget the non-food items that are important and necessary to store! Remember to share some of these ideas and cuten them up with ribbons and the Day 11 Tags: Options that are Free or Under $1 Tube of Toothpaste Do we need to explain much here? An Option that is $5-$30 Package of Toilet Paper Again, enough said :) First Aid Supplies A nice gift would be a simple First Aid Kit. If you want to expand on that you can also include other basic medicines or first aid tools that don't normally come in a kit. Don't forget your Day 11 Tags, especially if you bought them toilet paper. hehe. A More Expensive Option…
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Beyond The BabySteps: Non-Food Items: Inventory List

Beyond the Babysteps, General, Non-Food Items
For our Summer Crash Course we have been revamping all of the BabyStep pages and last week we updated the Step 10: Non-Food Items. On that page we give a great list of ideas for non-food items to have, but we wanted to give you this bonus handout. You can store this handout in your linen closet or wherever you store your non-food items to remind you to stay on track with what you have purchased, and what you still need to purchase. Please note: This list is also on our our 3 month supply excel sheet found on BabyStep 3, but in case you're an excel hater- we wanted you to have it in an easy to print form!
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Cleaning Supplies Using Food Storage Items

Budgeting, Non-Food Items
Recently we received an email from one of our readers and Twitter friend (@MaryC49) we just HAD to share! Mary did a blog post all about homemade cleaners on her blog What a great idea to store simple ingredients in your storage that can make a variety of cleaners. Her post was so great, we are just copying it directly here (she gave us permission). So straight from Mary's Mouth: Today I am sharing some of my home-made cleaning recipes. They work. I have been using them for several months and have eliminated most of the store bought, pre-made cleaning products in my home. I bought a 3 pack of spray bottles at Costco. Each had a different color cap ring and spray trigger. I use GREEN for Floor…
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Added "BabyStep 10: Non-Food Items" to Main Topics

Non-Food Items
WOW! Can you believe we are finally through all the BabySteps? (Ok confession here ... we are not FINISHED our food storage but we have researched the basics of every aspect, and have a plan to complete it all in a few more months!) Step 10 is all about the non-food items which in some cases can seem even more important than food items (i.e. TOILET PAPER). Take a look at BabyStep 10 and make sure to scroll down to the bottom for a sneak preview of something exciting that's coming up in the future!
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Addition to BabyStep 3 – Three Month Supply

Non-Food Items, Three Month Supply
In planning our 3 months of food we started to think about times that we would actually USE it. The most likely scenario was an economic crunch, job loss, or something of that nature. So if we had no money for food, it would seem likely that there would be no money for other necessities like diapers, medications, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. Thus we have included establishing a 3 month supply of non-food essentials as part of step 3. Remember, this is only necessities for now. And the biggest benefit of including this in step 3 is you will be able to begin stockpiling these items as they go on sale and rotate them in as you do your food. This should free up even more money in your monthly…
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