Pressure Canners vs Pressure Cookers (Cooking Mysteries Solved!)

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If you are a Facebook friend of ours you may have seen us posting occasionally about using our pressure cookers or canning meat. Inevitably the question gets asked "What's the difference between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner?" Don't worry, two years ago we didn't know either!!! I've answered a few of our most commonly asked questions in this short video that should help take the mystery out of pressure cooking and pressure canning for you.  In case you can't view the video, try clicking here or read the summary below. (I go into more detail in the info below as well) What is a pressure cooker? A pressure cooker is a tightly sealed pot that uses steam under pressure to cook foods very quickly. It is extremely useful…
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How to Pressure Can Ground Beef

Canning, Self Reliance
Since Julie put the "pressure" on for me to teach everyone about canning your own meat at the end of her post last week ... here is a little intro to pressure canning for you! For those of you who have followed our blog and our facebook page for a while, you may know that I tend to procrastinate on trying new things. I had my pressure cooker for almost a year before I got brave enough to try it (see why I love it so much now here, here, and here). Well I won't tell you how long I have had my pressure canner (*ahem* Grandma Lori bought it for me for Christmas last year *ahem*) ... but I finally got brave enough to try it! Ground beef was…
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