Julie’s Food Storage Beginnings

Julie's Progress
I did it! I went to Walmart and bought a shelf. The shelf was $24.88, "heavy duty" plastic. My dad said metal shelves can sometimes cave in around the center and that he has been happy with his plastic shelves. I had the option to do all 5 shelves tall, or 3 and 2. I thought the 3, and 2 were cuter for now. Once I get more stuff, I'll probably have to do 5 shelves high - and get another shelf, but this works for now. I even got my basement cleaned out in the process.
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Jodi’s Food Storage Summary – Month 1

Jodi's Progress
Here is what I have in my food storage so far: Water - 6 two-liter bottles 72 Hour Kits - 3 complete kits (over 2 years old) Baking Goods - 10 lbs flour, 1 can salt, 2 lbs each brown and powdered sugar Baby Items - 1 can formula Grains, Cereals, Rice, Pasta, etc. - 1 lb white rice, 13 lbs dried beans, 3 boxes instant oatmeal, 2 boxes cream of wheat, 2 boxes of cold cereal, 2 boxes kraft dinner, multiple sprouting seeds, several spares of common spices Commercial Soups - 2 chunky campbell's, 5 tomato, 4 chicken noodle, 1 cream of chicken Canned Fruits and Veggies - 6 qts. peaches, 1 can fruit cocktail, 1 can mandarin oranges, 5 qts. tomatoes Psychological Foods - 3 qts. pickles, 3…
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