HUGE SALE on Harvest 72″ #10 Can Shelf

Have you been eyeballing one of the amazing Thrive Life (formerly called Shelf Reliance) can rotating shelves? We dreamed about having a wonderful rotation system for several years before biting the bullet and getting some ourselves. If this has been on your wish-list for a while, this month is the time to take the plunge! The Harvest 72″ #10 Can Shelf is heavily discounted for this month only.

Harvest #10 Can Shelf ON SALE in May

This is the lowest price we have ever seen this shelf! In fact, the price is so low it’s not even available on the Thrive Life website. To get the $224.99 price you must place your order through our secure online order form. Sale ends May 31st or while supplies last

Details about the Harvest #10 Can Shelf:

Regular Retail Price: $459.99
Regular Consultant Price: $264.99
Promotion Price: $224.99

The Harvest 72″ #10 can shelf is a revolutionary food rotation system offered by Thrive Lie. Designed to hold 112 gallon size cans, this system offers versatility and convenience by taking the hassle out of can storage. The Harvest 72″ #10 features patented front-loading technology that automatically rotates cans on a first in first out basis. This unique food rotation system guarantees a more organized pantry or storage room in minutes.

Height 72″
Depth 24.5″
Width 36.5″

58 food label magnets included
Large tracks hold up to 7 #10 size cans

Don’t forget to add these accessories to your order:

Top shelf: We love the top shelf to give you that much more added storage space above your shelf. I stack cases of extra food on top of mine.
Front shelves: Available in either pantry can or #10 can size, these are great for storing open cans on for easy access, or to just add a few more cans to your shelf unit.
Side shelves: If you have space on the sides of your shelves you can stack boxes and other items on the side shelves.
Rivet Hooks: Stick a few hooks on the front of your shelf to hang a can opener, scoops, or measuring cups on. You can even use it to hang your 72 hour kits or other preparedness items.

New Thrive Sauces (and Seasonings) – Oh My!

You may have seen us mention on Facebook this week that we were able to attend the Shelf Reliance convention last weekend. It was super busy but way fun and we got a ton of information on changes in the company and NEW PRODUCTS! One of the biggest announcements is that they changed their name to THRIVE LIFE. We love the new name and how it emphasizes their Thrive Foods which are just fantastic products.



I love love love the new Thrive sauces. They make it so simple to cook with your food storage without having to add in any additional ingredients from the grocery store. You can put together complete and delicious meals. I have tried similar sauce powders from other companies and never been completely thrilled with how they tasted but every one of these ones is delish and super easy to use. After getting home from convention I decided to try one of the sauces each day of the week and I loved how FAST my meals were and how good they were. Even my picky kids snarfed them down without complaining.

Bechamel Sauce

This one is my favorite, it is like a simple white sauce but rich and flavorful and thickens really fast for a quick dinner. I boiled some bowtie pasta and while it cooked I rehydrated some freeze-dried chopped chicken and peas and heated up the sauce. I threw it all together with a little Thrive Spice (more on that later) and had dinner on the table in under 15 minutes. That’s a win around here!

Espagnole Sauce

I usually wait until I have leftovers from a roast beef dinner to make a good beef stew with my mom’s famous mashed potato biscuits. But I don’t make roast that often so I am always a little sad I don’t get to eat yummy stew very much. I decided to try the Beef Stew recipe that we sampled at convention and it didn’t fail me. I again had to cook the biscuits first or else the stew would have been done too fast. I can’t believe how quick these sauces cook up, and adding in the freeze-dried foods just make the meal that much faster, and is great practice for using my food storage.

Tomato Sauce

I wasn’t sure about this one since I’ve already been using the tomato powder for my sauces and loving it. But I cooked this up using the Bolognese Sauce recipe from the Thrive Live (Shelf Reliance) website and it was AMAZING. It was seriously restaurant style sauce. No need to pay $15 for gourmet pasta at a restaurant! I think a big factor in this recipe turning out so great was the freeze-dried spices added in, so I’ll be interested to taste it plain and see if it is just as great.

Veloute Sauce

The Veloute is like a thick chicken gravy and can make a great substitute for cream of chicken or cream of mushroom in any recipe. My first thought was biscuits and gravy so I heated some up and threw in freeze-dried sausage. I actually had to cook my biscuits first since the sauce was done so fast. By the time they were done cooking we were in business.

I am a busy mom of four crazy kids who are in tons of after school activities so having all these new yummy dinner options opened up to me makes me very very happy. If you want to try them too, make sure to shop from our consultant website so that you save off of retail pricing. Click here to check at the sauces at our discounted prices!

p.s. Yes I did mention some spices and seasonings above. Thrive Life came out with a whole line of freeze dried spices and blends that are amazing. The freeze dried spices are so much yummier than dehydrated and taste fresh. More about that in a future post, but for now you can see a sneak peek here. We will fill you in on our personal review soon!


Extreme Makeover: “S” Family – Adopted High Needs Boys

Remember way back in April, when we had our
In case you weren’t around we had 3 big surprises for our readers. The surprises were a great way to share and give back to so many of you great readers. The surprises included some great FREE stuff, and ways for you all to help some families.

Today, we’re following up with our 2nd Surprise. The Extreme Food Storage Makeover: Helping Families in Need. We had 4 main families that were chosen, each having different reasons why this makeover would be great for them. Some were financial, others were just in need of some direction and help. Since you the readers are the ones who raised the money through a percentage of your purchases at our Shelf Reliance store that month, we thought you’d like to know how it all turned out. We introduced the first family last month, and today we’re introducing the second family.

This is a family that has adopted 3 high needs young boys. The boys are ages will be 7, 11 and 12. Mom and Dad have started a large vegtable garden. Kids are learning about weeding and watering their dinner as well as selecting their favorite veggies and discovering what grows in the area and what does not. 🙁 The garden came about when the youngest, then 6 years old, requested a garden for his birthday present. The parents could not resist fullfilling this birthday wish.

Both parents work full time and with high needs children everything has to fit in the monthly budget. Food storage is a goal of this family. They have downloaded your binder and have been working on babystep #1 for the last 4 months. Mom was thrilled to get the 3 day emergency food done, and she trys not to look at the rest of the binder and become overwelmed. She tells herself that she is better prepared today than she was 4 months ago.

This family has hearts to help others. They are forever assisting those around them and see food storage as a way to assist others in times of emergency. This family lives on a very tight budget due to the needs of their children. Emergency room visits and unexpected drama keeps the budget tight. This family has just moved into a house that they have been working towards for 12 years. They now have the space for food storage.

In speaking with the family, it became quickly apparent that with everything they have to deal with, help getting organized was going to be a life-saver. Initially we planned to only send food to the families. When we saw the before pictures, and spoke more with the family about their situation, we knew shelving was going to be just what they needed. As you can see from this picture their short wall prohibited them from getting some regular shelves. They didn’t have the time to build custom shelves. As a busy family who adopted 3 high needs boys, and both parents work – we couldn’t help but help get them organized. Here’s a picture story of their shelving makeover.

Shelf Reliance has a variety of Food Rotation Systems that can fit so many spaces, and cansolidator rotation systems that can fit in pantries. When shopping for shelves, if you decide on the Shelf Reliance Food Rotation systems, make sure you use our store link to get prices up to 40% off.

This is a letter we received from the family:
Thank you Julie and Jodi. What a difference a little organization can make in a busy life. With two full time jobs, and two sandwich shops, and three high needs children, food storage was an overwhelming addition to our lives. Our food was stacked in the upstairs storage room. With it piled on top of each other and in boxes, I couldn’t keep track of what we had and what we needed.
Enter Julie and Jodi. They understood that if I can’t see what I have, it’s like not having it. They sent my family two shelves from Shelf Reliance. Putting the shelves together became a family bonding adventure. My boys took great pride in rolling the cans down the racks. Now when I ask my sons to “run upstairs and bring down five cans of green beans,” you would think I was asking them to go to an amusement park. I can see what I have and what I need. It is so much easer to use the food storage daily and re stock it monthly.
Thanks Julie and Jodi. Food storage has become fun for my children, and not so overwhelming for me and my husband, who has now decided that we need the really BIG harvest shelf. I didn’t even have to ask. Thank you from the S family.

Extreme Food Storage Makeover: The “E” Family

Remember way back in April, when we had our
In case you weren’t around we had 3 big surprises for our readers. The surprises were a great way to share and give back to so many of you great readers. The surprises included some great FREE stuff, and ways for you all to help some families.

Today, we’re following up with our 2nd Surprise. The Extreme Food Storage Makeover: Helping Families in Need. We had 4 main families that were chosen, each having different reasons why this makeover would be great for them. Some were financial, others were just in need of some direction and help. Since you the readers are the ones who raised the money through a percentage of your purchases at our Shelf Reliance store that month, we thought you’d like to know how it all turned out. We’ll be introducing the next family in a couple weeks so stay tuned.


This is the information the nominator sent us about the “E’ family.

About the Family:
I met Cathy through a forum of “homestead” type moms. I always appreciated her tips on how to be more frugal (many of the moms struggle with making ends meet) and more “natural”. One week we were completely out of money, even for groceries, and I was asking for meal ideas for the items I had in my pantry. Cathy privately messaged me to say that she didn’t have any money to send or any way to help except to send me a few coupons for free cans of tuna. And she did. That make such an impact on me… we’d never met, and yet this lady who struggles with making ends meet found a way to help me.

Earl, her husband, is in the Army and they are living in Oklahoma. He has been deployed several times during their marriage. He’s missed many of their 5 children’s birthdays. Cathy has learned to do it ALL by herself. Their children are 10, 7, 4, 3, and 1. We did get to meet once a few years ago while she was on her way to see her parents, and we had a lovely 2 days together visiting and letting our kids get to know each other, etc.

She has been such an example to me of a mom that has had to do it all herself, and then adjust back to releasing some of the “reins” of responsibility back to her husband when he is back home. Everything I hear of Earl is that he’s a godly man and a good husband and daddy. I’ve not had the chance to meet him yet.

Why this Family:
Earl and Cathy have been working VERY hard to eliminate debt and with their military pay, it’s sometimes a struggle for them to just meet day-to-day needs while paying off debt.

Cathy has made preparedness a priority, but I know she has a long way to go with such a big family. She gardens, has chickens, etc., to supplement their food supply. She’s been struggling with health issues for years – autoimmune disease, and most recently a diagnosis of cancer (treatable and hopefully curable, but cancer, nonetheless).

Just 2 days ago, they were watching the reports of a huge grass fire that had caused the evacuation of several neighborhoods and destroyed several homes near them. Earl was gone, and they were ready to evacuate if necessary. Thankfully, the fires were contained and they were able to stay put. She knows the importance of being ready to grab kids and supplies and get out of danger living in a fire- and tornado- prone area.

I would love to see this precious family benefit from some help by getting an “Extreme Food Storage Makeover”. It would be such a blessing to them, and I am THRILLED to be able to nominate them!


After speaking with Cathy, and talking about what would be most helpful we chose a variety of products for the family. Some of the foods were new to the family, while others were some good staples to have in your food storage. Here’s a list of what we sent the family:

Chopped Chicken–Freeze Dried #10 can
Instant Pinto Beans #10 can
Sausage Crumbles–Freeze Dried #10 can
Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup #10 can
Broccoli Cheese Soup #10 can
Broccoli–Freeze Dried #10 can
Carrot Dices #10 can
Cauliflower–Freeze Dried #10 can
Chopped Onions #10 can
Green Beans–Freeze Dried #10 can
Potato Dices–Freeze Dried #10 can
Sweet Potatoes #10 can
Shredded Mozzerella–Freeze Dried #10 can
Cheese Blend #10 can
Butter Powder #10 can
Strawberries–Freeze Dried #10 can
Apple Slices #10 can
Raspberries–Freeze Dried #10 can
Orange Yogurt Bites #10 can
Heavy Duty 5 Gallon Water Container
Solar Powered Battery Charger
2 Wing Stoves with Fuel Tablets (for 72 hour kits)

Check out the “E” families pantry with the THRIVE food inside 🙂


We are so honored and thankful to have been chosen for this Extreme Makeover! We have been trying to work on this bit by bit but have not been very organized with it before…the ideas from your blog are helping tremendously with that. We’ve been working on our 3-month food storage plan and inventory and have been picking up a few items each time we shop. It’s been wonderful to receive this boost with the dehydrated and freeze-dried food items, as well as the wing-stoves, water container and solar battery charger. Thank you so much for this practical help and all the valuable information you provide!

Become a Shelf Reliance Consultant FOR FREE* + HUGE product sale


We had something else planned to blog about today, but we just heard about some AMAZING Shelf Reliance sales and wanted to let you all know about them so you can take advantage of them over the holiday weekend. The sale ends July 5th or until supplies last. Not only are their products on sale, but their consultant starter kits are as well. We’re also adding our own special JULY BONUS for anyone who wants to become a Shelf Reliance Consultant on our team as well.

Shelf Reliance is putting tons of their products on sale for 30% off until July 5th.

To see a list of all the products on sale, click here. Once you click on the actual product, you’ll see an even greater discount since you’ll be shopping through our store.

We’ve really enjoyed being Shelf Reliance consultants because of the high quality products they offer, and the great business opportunity too. Who doesn’t love earning FREE food storage and a little extra income too!? If becoming a consultant is something that has interested you, we thought you’d like to know about the sale they are having on their consultant kits this weekend. We’ve never seen them discounted before! Each kit contains sample foods, recipes, and everything you’ll need to get started right away (Some of them even contain shelves at amazing discounts).


We want you on OUR TEAM!
Check out the JULY BONUS we’re offering to all our
Food Storage Made Easy Readers!

We want to make joining Shelf Reliance as a consultant an easy decision for you. If you sign up any time in the month of July, we will GIVE you $159 of free product after you host your first party to help you get your business started. (You don’t have to actually host the party in July to qualify). Since the basic consultant kit is $159 until July 5th, that’s like getting started for FREE! (After July 5th we will still be offering the bonus, however, the kits will go back to the regular $199 price)

Email us at if you have additional questions or need help signing up!

2nd Edition Extreme Makeover: Families in Need

We introduced our 2nd Extreme Food Storage Makeover during our month of surprises in April. For the last 3 weeks, we have been hosting an online party through our Shelf Reliance store: Not only did our readers get GREAT DISCOUNTS by purchasing through our store, but each order earned 10% of free food we will be donating to certain families in need. (see the post to see how this worked).

We were touched at the number of orders of all sizes YOU, OUR READERS made to help the families. With the amount of free food the online party earned we are going to be able to help 4 families, rather significantly. Thank you. We will introduce each of the families over the next couple of months along with their stories and how we will be helping them. Today we are only giving you a sneak peek at the families, as we’ll want to devote individualized posts to their stories and their makeovers. The four families consist of:

Since we earned more free food through this party than we had planned on, we were able to help some of the other families who were nominated. Remember, by shopping at our store, you can get these products with some great discounts.

For a few families who have had life circumstances make it a little more difficult to stay on top of their food storage we are sending the Top Seller 6 Pack. This package is great for a family just starting, or to add to any food storage. It’s a good mix of ingredients and contains some of the staples that are harder to buy in a tight budget. Some of the families that will be receiving this package have had job loss, have fought cancer, care for foster children, and have had long hospital stays. The Top Seller 6-Pack includes: 1 Whole Wheat Flour, 1 Quick Oats, 1 Hard White Winter Wheat, 1 Strawberries – FD, 1 Instant Milk, 1 Whole Egg Powder.
$99.99 is regular price for this product
$81.69 is the discounted price at

To a family who lost their home in a tornado that has to eat mostly canned foods due to very limited fridge and freezer space, we are sending a mixture of fruits and vegetables. Since these are dehydrated and freeze dried they can help with the immediate need of keeping and eating produce. We are also sending some fruits and vegetables to a newly wed couple who a toddler (from a previous marriage) and recently lost their job and family pet. They have some basic storage, but adding this to their storage will help ease their burdens.Mixed Veggie 6-Pack: 1 Carrot Dices, 1 Cauliflower, 1 Sweet Corn, 1 Chopped Onions, 1 Potato Chunks, 1 Green Beans.
$99.99 is regular price for this product
$86.99 is the discounted price at
Other packages will include: Dehydrated Fruit 6-Pack, Berry 6-Pack, Green Veggie 6-Pack and more fruits and vegetables.

Our hearts went out to a single mom who works very hard washing dishes to support her 2 boys. She believes very much in food storage and buys extra cans here and there when she can. We felt that providing this family with 6 #10 cans of entrees would be a great help in their food storage. Should they need to depend on it, having options that don’t require too much time to prepare would be perfect. We can only imagine how hectic and busy her life is. The Entree 6 Pack includes: 1 Vegetable Risotto, 1 Cheesy Potatoes with Chives, 1 Beefy Chili with Beans, 1 Rice with Sweet Pepper Beef Steak, 1 Creamy Tomato Pasta with Chicken, 1 Curry Rice with Chicken.
$219.99 is regular price for this product
$191.99 is the discounted price at

To a family who has had their house crushed due to a tornado we are sending some MRE’s. MRE’s can be stored in small spaces and can be transported very easily. Until this family gets into a new home, we hope this adds a small feeling a security in case they need to rely on it during another crisis. 12 complete MRE Meals provide the highest quality and great tasting Main Dishes. Heavy duty Mil-spec packaging. Variety of 4 main dish flavors, 3 of each per case. Easy to prepare and a shelf life of 5 years. Each meal contains: Main Dish Entree, Side Dish, Snack, Dessert.
$109.99 is regular price for this product
$99.99 is the discounted price at

We’d like to send a little ray of sunshine to a family who has a sick baby, and another family who suffered a house fire. It’s hard to go through trials, and we hope these families know there are people out there who care that made it possible to send a little something. These families will receive a food storage gift baskets. Different gift basket options include: Cheesy Potatoes Gift Basket, Raspberry Cake Bars Gift Basket, Taco Soup Gift Basket, Blueberry Pancake Gift Basket with the ingredients, a bowl, recipe and mixing utensils.

Click Here

Helping Families in Need Part 3 – Emergency Supplies

Welcome back to our Food Storage Suprise Party!
Today we are continuing to talk about the GIFT part of the party!
Did you get the invite? Go here if you didn’t.

We are so excited to be hosting a Shelf Reliance Online Party to help families in need get a Food Storage Extreme Makeover and help EVERYONE get great discounted prices on Shelf Reliance products. (Read Monday’s post to find out how it all works).

Today we wanted to introduce you to Shelf Reliance’s Emergency Supplies available to you through our store ( Remember 10% of your purchase will go towards the Food Storage Makeovers!

About Shelf Reliance Emergency Supplies

Shelf Reliance offers a variety of emergency supplies, and also a custom kit planner. You can use the planner to create your own disaster kit based on your own families needs, preferences and location.

Use the planner to make your own custom kit, or buy some products that your own kit may be missing through our store:

Alright, hopefully you have found something at Shelf Reliance you may be in need of to help with the 2nd Edition Extreme Makeover. If you’re still interested in helping, but don’t have any need for Shelf Reliance products, remember you can donate, or send us an email ( with a tip on how to build a food storage on a budget:)

100 % of the donated money will be used to purchase items for the families that Shelf Reliance doesn’t offer.

See you Monday for Surprise #3 – the reverse giveaway, where everyone gets something, and everyone can give it away to their friends too!

Helping Families in Need Part 2 – Thrive Foods

Welcome back to our Food Storage Suprise Party!
Today we are continuing to talk about the GIFT part of the party!
Did you get the invite? Go here if you didn’t.

We are so excited to be hosting a Shelf Reliance Online Party to help families in need get a Food Storage Extreme Makeover and help EVERYONE get great discounted prices on Shelf Reliance products. (Read Monday’s post to find out how it all works).

Today we wanted to introduce you to Shelf Reliance’s Thrive Food line and show you examples of the GREAT DISCOUNTS you can get by shopping through our store ( Remember 10% of your purchase will go towards the Food Storage Makeovers!

About Thrive Foods

The THRIVE food line consists of the same foods you would purchase at the market—fruits, veggies, meats, beans, grains, dairy, and the basics—they are great for food storage, and daily use.

One of our favorite Thrive foods is their freeze dried strawberries. It provides us with a great way to store some fruit. They are good right out of the can, or in cereals, muffins, oatmeal, smoothies and more! Check out the discounts you get by going through our store:

#10 Can
Retail Price: $26.69
Our Store Price: $24.89

Case (6 Cans)
Retail Price: $140.16
Our Store Price: $138.69

Learn About Thrive “Q”

Through our store, you can sign up to be on the THRIVE™ Q. Here are just a few highlights on the program. For full information visit our store to see if this program is right for you.

  • Build a customized food storage plan divided into monthly shipments.
  • Your budget can be altered to accommodate circumstances, skip shipments in months money is tight.
  • The Q is designed to work automatically; monthly orders will be generated from your list by our program.
  • Of course, you always have the option to edit your plan or add new items as you see fit.
  • Feel confident you are always getting the lost prices on Thrive foods when you’re signed up for the Q.

Surprise #2: 2nd Edition Extreme Food Storage Makeover for Families in Need

Welcome back to our Food Storage Suprise Party!
Today we are announcing the GIFT part of the party!
Did you get the invite? Go here if you didn’t.

If you have followed our blog for a while you will remember the Food Storage Extreme Makeover that we did for Grandma Lori over the past year or so. We loved helping her get her food storage put together and we knew that we wanted to do it for MORE people.

As part of our Food Storage Party, the GIFT is going to be for some families in need. We will be giving them their own makeovers complete with education, personal guidance and even a good start with some FOOD, and YOU CAN HELP! Also, we don’t want anyone to feel left out so EACH OF YOU will receive something out of this too, read the WHOLE post to find it. We know it’s long. We’ll be choosing the families in need from reader nominations, so make sure to read to the end of the post to find out how to nominate a family in need!

We (Jodi and Julie) are going to be providing the families with education, personalized game plans, and more tools to help them get well on their way. However, we need your help with the FOOD part of the makeover. Here’s how it will work. Did you know that Shelf Reliance does home parties? Well if you host a home party, you get “host benefits”. The host benefits are 10% in FREE product of the total amount purchased at the party. Since we became consultants last month, we’ll be able to host an ONLINE PARTY! The online party will start RIGHT NOW and will last for 3 weeks. We will donate the “host benefit”s earned through our online party, which is 10% of anything purchased to the families in need.

Since we’re Shelf Reliance consultants, we have our own Shelf Reliance store, which is: When you shop through our Shelf Reliance store (during this online party, or ANYTIME after that), you get better pricing than the regular Shelf Reliance store. We’ll be going over some of the discounts this week, along with some of their shelving, food, and emergency preparedness products. One of the main reasons we chose to be consultants is because so many of our readers love the Shelf Reliance shelves, and you can get the big fancy $459 shelf, for $270 through our store! SWEET (make sure you hit add to cart to see that price).

  • If you’re in the market for any Shelf Reliance products, shop through our store: for the next 3 weeks, and 10% of all sales will be donated in food to help families. (Shop after that, and you still get the discounts!)
  • If you don’t know much about Shelf Reliance products, stay tuned this week for a quick intro to some of their great stuff, then decide if you’ll want to, and be able to help
  • If you aren’t in the market for anything from Shelf Reliance, and still want to help the families that will be chosen, you can donate any amount here (even just $1 can help) which will be used to help purchase products the families may need that Shelf Reliance doesn’t offer.

  • If you’re not in a position to purchase or donate, send us some tips you have to build Food Storage on a budget. We understand not everyone is in a position to participate formally in this, and we totally understand that! WE WILL TAKE THESE TIPS AND MAKE THEM INTO A HANDOUT FOR EACH OF YOU! Told you each of you would receive something out of this too.


****UPDATE: NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED**** Click here to fill out the nomination form if you know of a family who would be a good recipient of an Extreme Food Storage Makeover. Remember, the number of families chosen will be based on the amount of our host benefits from this online party.

Coming Up This Week

Tuesday: Overview of the different shelving options Shelf Reliance offers
Wednesday: A look at Thrive Foods and the awesome Q program
Thursday: Highlights of some of our favorite Emergency Preparedness products

Small Spaces Storage Solutions– We need your HELP!

Since the next step after getting your emergency preparedness plan accomplished is shelving we wanted to talk about organizing food storage for awhile. We have been doing our research and we know that there are many ways to save space and stay organized with your food storage. Over the next little while, we will be covering shelving ideas, rotation ideas, and more. We wanted to start however, with small spaces storage solutions.

For now- we have a confession to make. Up until a couple years ago we both lived in rather small spaces. The small spaces, along with confusing resources stopped us from ever getting started on building our food storage. So when we are asked the question, “How do I store food in my tiny condo or apartment?”, we must sheepishly answer- “We don’t know – We didn’t do it”.

Anyways, as we have been doing our research we realized that among you, our readers is a wealth of knowledge. Just last week we received the following comment from Penny:

We used a NEW medium outside metal garbage can and filled it with wheat. Then we cut a circle out of plywood bigger than the opening of the can and then used some smaller scraps of wood and screwed them on the inside of the circle to fit the inside of the garbage can, then we just put decorative fabric over the top that reached to the floor and we had an instant side table that held storage. The scrap blocks of wood kept the top from moving around and falling off, and it also looked nice.

This is where the HELP! comes in, let’s all SHARE! Over the next week we are asking you to email us at all your great and marvelous ideas for this topic. In one week we will publish all the ideas in a post. We’ll make it cute and even make a pdf so you can print and share the information with all your friends who live in small spaces. Now don’t cheat and leave a comment, make sure it’s an EMAIL so we can surprise everyone. (Please send emails by Friday).

And the winner from last week’s giveaway is … drum roll please … TONYA. We’ll be emailing you later today to get you your car kit. We’re so happy you have your computer backed up.