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Have you heard the term "Shelf Stable" and wondered exactly what it means? Different people have different opinions on that, but today we are going to give you OUR definition and then we have a great free gift for you to download too! What does shelf stable mean? We consider a shelf stable recipe to be one that can be made completely with items that can be found in your pantry (not refrigerated). The purpose is to have meals that you can make should your power go out and you lose the foods that you have in your fridge and freezer. Traditional shelf stable recipes Most people thing of things like homemade bread, chili, spaghetti, etc. when they think of a shelf stable meal. Items that don't have meats, dairy,…
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4th of July JELLO and Freeze-Dried Fruit Sale

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If you are having an Independence Day celebration where you are supposed to bring a food dish, I highly recommend the Patriotic Jello I posted about last year. I don't get to make it this year so I'm hoping some of our readers will make it and let me know how it turned out so that I can pretend I got to enjoy it myself. For a full step-by-step tutorial on how to make this (including how to do it with Freeze-Dried fruits) visit this post. I seriously love that even if I were living completely off of food storage I could have a fun, festive dessert like this! Freeze-Dried Fruit and Veggie Sale Some of you may remember that Lindon Farms had an A-MAZING sale on their freeze-dried fruit…
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Salsa, Chicken, and Black Bean Soup Recipe

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So here is my confession, I LOVE the concept of using a crockpot so dinner time is not crazy around here. However, the reality is ... mornings aren't really any LESS crazy. After I get the big kids off to school and the little kids fed, bathed, dressed, hit the gym, and get the house tidied up a bit it seems like the morning is over and I have missed my timeframe to throw something in the crockpot. Right after school we have to get our piano practicing done, and depending on my kids' behavior this can really cut right into my dinner prep time. So what is a girl to do? Does this sound like anyone else out there? Enter a few of my favorite things to save time…
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CREAMY POTATO SOUP (Food Storage and Fat-Free Style)

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When I got married, my mother-in-law (Jodi's mom - known as Grandma Lori around here) gave me a very special gift. She had each of my relatives and close friends fill out a recipe card or two of their favorite, most trusted recipes. I LOVE that little box of recipe cards because it contains a lot of family favorites that my husband and I both grew up loving from our aunts, grandparents etc. One of my go-to recipes out of that box has been my Aunt Debbie's Vegetable Cheese Chowder (We call it Creamy Potato Soup). Over the years I've figured out a way to incorporate my food storage into this soup AND make it virtually fat free!. Through some creative cooking techniques (removing the flour, milk, and butter) I…
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Food Storage Blackberry Pie

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My husband is pretty much obsessed with blackberries. If I ever make a recipe that has blackberries in it he goes crazy for it. Well of course, being me, I always have to try to turn everything shelf stable so I can see if we could still have that recipe in a powerless situation. Tonight's Easter Dinner blackberry pie was no exception ... and I have to say the results were great! Food Storage Blackberry Pie Pie Crust 2 cups flour 1 tsp. salt 3/4 cups butter flavored shortening 1 T. egg powder 3/4 cups cold water Combine flour and salt. Cut in the shortening until the mixture is crumbly. Combine the egg powder and water. Add to the flour mix and stir until dough is formed. This makes a…
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Food Storage Enchilada Pie! FOR REAL!

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This is a recipe I have been making for a couple years. I first introduced you to it in a blog post with some fun challenges to help you use your food storage items more often. The post came with challenges such as cooking your dry beans instead of using canned, making bean flour cream of chicken instead of using canned, and making whole wheat tortillas from scratch. The challenges and post can be found here. Well, then I found a homemade enchilada sauce and posted about that here. Well last week I brought it to the NEXT FOOD STORAGE LEVEL! I tried it using freeze dried chicken and freeze dried cheese. I always justified the chicken and cheese in there by saying I keep a 3 month supply in…
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Shelf Stable Poppyseed Chicken Recipe

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I have a confession to make ... I have a lot of recipes that call for sour cream. In my defense I try to use "light" sour cream at least :) There is something about the creamy yummy deliciousness that draws me to sour creamy recipes and they soon become family favorites. One of the staples around my house is Poppyseed Chicken. I always have most of the ingredients on hand, but the one thing that is a kicker is the sour cream. Whenever I go to the grocery store I try to grab a tub or two of sour cream, but considering I try to avoid going to the grocery store as much as possible, this never lasts for very many meals. The other day I really wanted to…
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Food Storage Recipe Mixes

Are you feeling FRAZZLED? With the Holidays here upon us, I'm finding that time is running short, and I'm turning to convenience foods. Not only are convenience foods generally unhealthy, they are pricey too. Awhile back one of our AWESOME readers Susan W sent us some yummy mixes for pancakes and corn bread. They make using your food storage fast, easy and DELICIOUS. Make a batch of these mixes and enjoy using them when time is running short. You could also package some of these up in jars and make them cute for neighbor gift ideas. They kind of remind me of the Dinner in a Jar ideas we wrote about awhile back. Enjoy, and good luck keeping it together this holiday while USING your Food Storage! MULTI-GRAIN PANCAKE/WAFFLE MIX…
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Delicious Ritzy Potatoes

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Do people ever act like you are a bit "crazy" for being interested in food storage and preparedness? We have a lot of readers who love our Facebook community because they feel like they can connect with others who understand their need and desire to help their families be more prepared. While many people first get started with food storage thinking about a natural disaster type of situation, it quickly becomes apparent that there are a TON of other reasons to store food. We did a little series on this that you can check out by clicking below: Well this week I wanted to share a silly reason why I am so grateful to have my food storage. On Saturday I had to bring "funeral potatoes" to a funeral for…
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The Potluck Problem

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We had a fun pot luck in my neighborhood today, and of course, I forgot it was even going to happen. About 25 minutes before it was going to start, my friend called me up and asked if I was coming. FOOD STORAGE to the rescue. I decided to do the whole, "sneak" food storage into a dish trick. Remember I did this a long time ago with a dessert? I still feel sneaky about that one. The theme of the pot luck was salads, so I decided to make a pasta salad. I've been using my freeze-dried chicken a lot lately. I admit, it's a little bit due to how busy I've been. Having chicken cooked, and cut all ready to go, has saved my eating out budget a…
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