Meal Planning Made Easy

Budgeting, Jodi's Progress
Exactly one month ago I gave birth to my third baby. Crazy I have three kids now! I knew with having a busy husband who wasn't able to get any time off work, and two "big" kids at home who like Mommy's cooking, that I needed to do some planning ahead in the meal department. I made tons of freezer meals and shared the process in depth with our Facebook Friends. I wanted to show you guys how EASY it is to plan ahead either for a big event, for a three month supply shop, or just for regular monthly meal plans using the Deals to Meals service. 1. Go through your recipe books, favorite recipes websites, etc. and write down all the meals you are planning for (I looked…
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Blasts from Past: The Three Month Supply Debate

Events, Jodi's Progress
Throughout the last two years we have really discovered that there is definitely not a one-style-fits-all approach to food storage. When this first became apparent to us was in our second month of running the blog when we were researching how we were going to get started on our three month supply. Julie posted her approach first which was to just purchase extras of the foods she normally buys. I left a comment on that post about how the foods she eats are weird and I wouldn't know what to cook with them. Well a lot of people liked her style AND her foods so I got embarrassed to post my approach later on that week. I made my own little excel spreadsheet with all of my meals planned out…
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Grandma Lori’s 3 Month Summary and Label Tutorial

Extreme Food Storage Makeover
As a part of Grandma Lori's Extreme Food Storage Makeover, we posted the results of her 3 month supply shop storage room mothers day gift. When we did, we got asked a lot of follow-up questions ... so here we go with the answers: We went into great detail in how we made the plan in this post here. Since we had the 3 month planning spreadsheet tell us exactly what we needed for her recipes, the shopping list part was simple. This was the surprising thing to all of us! As a disclaimer- we only bought foods for 90 dinners not including meats (on that day). Grandma Lori's kids are mostly moved out now so they eat a lot of leftovers for lunches, and she didn't feel the need…
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Questions to Ask Yourself….3 Month Supply

When it comes to getting a 3 month supply of food together, we have found that a lot of people get so much anxiety over the whole thing that they don't do it at all. We're getting ready to help Grandma Lori with her 3 month supply in our Extreme Food Storage Makeover. In doing so we have compiled a list of questions to ask her that will help us formulate a plan. Ask yourself these questions, and as you do so you'll see a plan start to form - with some resources on our site to help. Are you storing a 3 month supply of food for a potential job loss? For a potential natural disaster? For meal planning purposes? Whatever it is that you are doing this for…
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Addition to BabyStep 3 – Three Month Supply

Non-Food Items, Three Month Supply
In planning our 3 months of food we started to think about times that we would actually USE it. The most likely scenario was an economic crunch, job loss, or something of that nature. So if we had no money for food, it would seem likely that there would be no money for other necessities like diapers, medications, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. Thus we have included establishing a 3 month supply of non-food essentials as part of step 3. Remember, this is only necessities for now. And the biggest benefit of including this in step 3 is you will be able to begin stockpiling these items as they go on sale and rotate them in as you do your food. This should free up even more money in your monthly…
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Because I Am a Nerd (aka Jodi’s 3 month plan)

Jodi's Progress, Three Month Supply
So I know Julie will mock me for this, but I like to be organized with my cooking and I stink at making up meals out of random ingredients. I also tend to be somewhat of an excel junkie ... thus my 3 month plan is quite detailed. I started by jotting down in a notebook 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 14 dinners, and a few snacks that could be made if no fresh meat/produce was available. Then I multiplied those meals out to get 12 weeks worth of food planned. I pulled out my recipe book and marked down exactly what ingredients I'd need to make those meals the specified number of times. I compiled all of that into an inventory list that I will print and update as I…
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