Our trip to the dump

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Safety inspection - $5 Past due registration - $40 Starting up a new insurance policy - $100 A truckload of ... dirt? - $30 Family trip to the dump to get compost for my vegetable gardens - PRICELESS A BIG pile of ... dirt Gotta love a beater truck that's not afraid to get dirty (my husband loves classic cars) Hubby forgot his gloves ... I'll let you chew on that thought for a bit The kids thought it was a grand adventure! And my gardens are beeeeeautiful!!!!!! And now if the weather would just cooperate I could actually start getting something DONE in my beautifully filled garden beds. If you need help with your vegetable gardens this year check out my cousin Emily's eBooks and website on Square Foot…
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Food Storage Garden – Make Your Own Pots for FREE

Fruits and Vegetables, Gardening, Jodi's Progress
As you may remember from my “It’s Garden Time” post a few weeks ago, I am a big fan of gardening and especially in how it relates to food storage. Now that our Food Storage Made Easy (eBook) Binders are completed and available, I’ve actually had a bit of time to focus on gardening again. This weekend I took a bunch of my seedlings that I started in Jiffy Pellets and transplanted them into small pots to allow them space to grow some more. I even found a way to make my OWN pots out of newspapers so it was all FREE except for buying the potting soil. I just had to share this new method with you because I was so excited about it. How to Make Your Own…
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