All About Rice

In BabyStep 5: Grains we give you a long list of grains which can/should be part of your food storage. We really have focused a lot on wheat as it is one of the most versatile grains and is really a staple of any "food storage diet". However, today we want to go over some details on another very common grain that people often include in their storage ... RICE! Types of Rice There are over 40,000 different varieties of rice, but people generally store only the most common ones. In general we recommend storing the type that your family prefers to eat, but there are some shelf life considerations with that. Long, Medium, Short Rice can be categorized by the kernel shape/size. Long rice is three times as long…
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Fast and Easy Chicken Quinoa Soup

A couple of weeks ago I asked you all on Facebook to vote for which recipe you wanted us to share next. The two options were: A quick Chicken Quinoa soup made in a pressure cooker -OR- A 9 grain pancake that used lots of food storage The soup won the vote, so here we are! I'll share the pancake one next :) I love to use my electric pressure cooker for quick meals, and a lot of different soups. In fact the electric pressure cooker is one of our favorite tools to use to rotate a LOT of of food storage items. If you want to see a lot of our favorite food storage tools, we shared them in a post here. I love to make this soup when…
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