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Do you ever find that whole wheat pasta can taste grainy, and let's be honest - a little bit GROSS! This is Julie here, and I'm the one with the high tolerance for healthy food, yet I can barely stomach whole wheat noodles at times. Well when I discovered how DELICIOUS and easy making whole wheat pasta could be, I was hooked. Awhile back, I shared that I was making lasagna on our facebook page. A lot of you asked for the recipe, and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get to this post. Anyhow, whenever I make lasagna now, I make the noodles using whole wheat. I don't use any special pasta maker either! I just use a regular old rolling pin. The great thing about lasagna…
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RECIPE: Beach Street Lemon Chicken Linguine

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You know that recipe you use, when you want to impress, but don't feel like going to the store. The fail proof recipe, you forget about, then get a little excited about when you remember it. Well mine is this AMAZING recipe I got from Shandra at Deals to Meals! After the Seven Day Challenge, I went to town on restocking my food storage. It's amazing, how you can get complacent and put off restocking, but thanks to Deals to Meals, I was able to restock my shelves and get great deals in the process! (to learn more about how we use this system, go to our Deals To Meals page) Anyways, back to Shandra's recipe I LOVE. This is copied from her blog, and for more pictures, visit her…
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