What to Know When Buying “Just Add Water” Meals

Long Term Food Storage
We used to consider storing Just-add-Water meals to be "cheating". However, over the years we have come to realize that there is a time and place for this type of food storage. If you go through a short term disaster or need to grab some food and go, having a bucket or two of this kind of food will be invaluable to you. We learned this in our 7 Day Challenges over the years. Also, for people who will not rotate traditional food storage (for whatever reason), or do not know how (or want) to cook with traditional foods, these type of meals can be a great option. If you choose to store "Just Add Water" meals there are several things to consider as you determine what you need to…
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Emergency Foods

Emergency Food, Tax Return Week
Welcome back to "Tax Refund Week" where we're sharing with you how to get big chunks of your Food Storage built, if you happen upon big chunks of change. Today we're showing you how you can use some of your budget to spend money on "Emergency Foods". Have we ever told you about when we started this blog? Here's the short story - Julie felt very prompted to start growing her food storage. Jodi said - well if you feel prompted, maybe I should to. They made a plan to build their food storages. Jodi said, why don't we blog about our journey. Julie said- Fine. The end. Well when Jodi's dad (Grandpa Stan) heard about all this he said to Grandma Lori - why don't we get some of…
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