ALL NEW Wonder Junior Deluxe

Grain Mills, Grains, Wheat
If you have followed our blog for any amount of time you will know about our love of the WonderMill. We were quite scared of the whole "cooking with wheat" concept until we actually saw a friend of ours grind flour and she told us "You know how to bake with flour right? Well, THIS is flour." Our food storage lives changed forever. The Electric WonderMill is great for quick, everyday usage grinding big batches of grains and legumes. It totally gets you into the habit of cooking with your food storage. However, the Wonder Junior Deluxe is also a wonderful preparedness tool since it can be used in a powerless emergency, and has the bonus value of being able to grind things that an electric mill CAN'T grind. On…
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Wheat and Wheat Grinder Overview

Grain Mills, Grains, Wheat, Wheat Recipes
When starting a Food Storage, the first thing you start hearing people talk about is WHEAT. We have openly confessed to not even knowing what wheat looked like only 2.5 years ago. Now we use it almost every day and can't believe how easy it is to make apart of your daily cooking. First off, there are so many benefits to storing wheat. We'll go over those, then tell you about some different wheat grinder options, then give you a few basic wheat recipes to try to get you going. Benefits of Wheat Wheat provides you with a whole grain Wheat can be stored for over 30 years if kept in a cool, dry place Whole wheat retains all of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber There are no preservatives or…
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Bread Making with the Extreme Food Storage Makeover

Extreme Food Storage Makeover, Long Term Food Storage, Recipes, Wheat, Wheat Recipes
It's been awhile since we have shared with you what's going on with the Extreme Food Storage Makeover for Grandma Lori. Since Grandma Lori bought her Wondermill, Jasmine has been wanting in on the experimenting (Jasmine is Grandma Lori's daughter and she's the one who showed us how to make multi-grain waffles with their Wondermill). With the 7 Day Challenge coming up, you better believe one of the tasks throughout the week will be to make a loaf of bread, so pay close attention! There are a lot of great bread recipes we could choose from to get Jasmine going on her bread making. The one we had Jasmine try first comes from Deals to Meals. You do this thing called "sponging" to the dough, and it makes an incredible…
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Free Tickets, Binder Sale, WonderMill Giveaway … OH MY!

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We are sooooo excited and hopefully by the end of this post you will be too! The Utah Valley Women's Expo have invited us to their What Women Want Expo THIS WEEKEND! (If you don't live in Utah keep reading to see how YOU can "be" there too!) Here are the details of the show including how to get: Utah Valley Women's Expo When: April 23rd & 24th, 2010, 11 am to 8 pm (both days) Where: McKay Events Center, UVU, Orem, Utah Tickets: Normally $5 but for our readers = FREE Click on the ticket to print a full-sized version to bring to the show. Tell your friends too! WonderMill Giveaway If you don't have a wheat grinder yet, make sure to stop by our booth and enter to…
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Wonder Junior Rebate – Cheapest Price EVER

Giveaways, Wheat
WOW! Not only has WonderMill been so great as to donate a Wonder Junior Deluxe as a giveaway for our Seven Day Challenge ... but they are also currently offering a $20 rebate on both Wonder Junior models. This is incredible! At Food Storage Made Easy we always sell the electric mills and the hand mills at the lowest price available, so when you add the $20 rebate from WonderMill onto that (and our current free shipping promotion) this is the rock bottom lowest you will ever be able to get a WonderMill hand grinder. All you have to do to get the rebate is purchase a Wonder Junior Basic or Deluxe from our Wheat Grinder product page anytime between June 15, 2009 and August 15, 2009. Once your order…
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