Emergency Preparedness – What are you waiting for?

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With hurricane Gustav hitting the coast, emergency preparedness is a hot topic today. Even if not directly affected by the hurricane, we are all reminded of how important it is to have an emergency plan in place. You never know when your area will be the one that is hit with a disaster.

If you haven’t already completed your “emergency plan”, be sure to go through the first component of our Getting Started page where we have outlined the basics of what you need to do. We include this under getting started because we feel it is important to have this done even before you get your food storage plan underway. For convenience sake, we have copied the information for you here.

Have a Basic Emergency Plan in Place:

  • Before you begin your food storage, it is critical to have an emergency plan for your family. Read our article about this topic, or print out our simple checklist as a guide.
  • The most critical component of your emergency plan is to have your 72 hour kits with food and water. We recommend creating your own kit as it is more cost-effective and you actually get REAL food.

Where are you on YOUR emergency preparedness? Let’s keep each other accountable. Post your updates in the comments section!

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