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We wanted to share with you the top 10 things on our Christmas lists this year! Leave us a comment below and tell us what YOU are hoping to get for Christmas.

#10 Food Storage Books

Julie needs a new copy of Food Storage 101 as it appears that her son Tyler has mysteriously misplaced her book (he has been really into throwing stuff in the garbage lately. Yikes!)

Jodi loves cooking with recipes so she really wants to get some good food storage recipe books. One she’s been eyeballing is Simple Recipes Using Food Storage. It starts out with recipes that only use SIX food storage ingredients!

#9 Food Storage Shelves

Jodi LOVES to have things organized for her easily and has been dying to get one of the amazing Shelf Reliance food rotation systems. Her husband keeps promising to build her some shelves but she has yet to see it happen *hint hint*.

Julie has all of her shelves purchased and loves the flexibility of being able to store different sizes of foods on them. However she would love some of the “cansolidator” products to organize her 3 months supply canned goods.

#8 Kitchen Gadgets

Julie had a little bit of apple corer peeler envy when she saw the pictures from Jodi’s applesauce adventures post. She would love to have her own one of these little guys.

Jodi has had fun experimenting with desserts using her food storage. She found this cute cookie press and decorating kit and thought it would make the job even more fun. It would have been perfect for the Cookie Clay Dough cookies!

#7 Herb Growing Kit

We are researching and gearing up for some fun gardening stuff in the spring and thought that an herb growing kit would be good practice and give us something we can start using in our cooking and food storage right away!

#6 Bread Machine

Jodi was very smart and gave away her bread machine because she hadn’t used it in 4 years. Now she has bread machine envy of Julie and so she’s hoping that she can obtain a new one somehow.

Since Julie already has a bread machine, all she needs is this nifty slicer tool to make the bread into nice little sandwich slices. One of the main problems with bread machine bread is getting the slices to work for good sandwiches.

#5 Portable Power Backup System

One question we’ve been asked a lot is what do you do with all this food if you can’t cook it? We have found a solution that seems a little more feasible than getting a generator. This product made by Xantrex is a power source that charges using a solar panel and then stores the electricity so you can grind wheat or run an oven/stove for a period of time. Very useful!

#4 Ready Project Food

We have found a way to make food storage REALLY easy! This company called The Ready Project sells packs of food that you just add water to. It’s an interesting idea and we think it could be very useful for a component of your food storage plan. If you decide to buy from The Ready Project make sure to enter our referral code 61838 and you can get 5% off your first order!

#3 Traditional Food Storage Foods

A few of our favorite food items are powdered milk and powdered eggs. These are so important to store so that you can cook normal foods. And it’s a great idea to start using them in everyday cooking to get used to them. Neither of us have our full supply of these items yet so they would be GREAT gift items.

#2 Wheat Grinders

Jodi and Julie both REALLY want the Wondermill Grain Mill as shown in our wheat grinder video. Jodi was lucky enough to inherit a nice Back to the Basics Hand Grinder from her mom, but it’s not great for doing everyday cooking with your wheat. So she’d like an electric grinder and Julie would like ANY grinder but would prefer the electric one as she has been using her wheat a LOT lately.

#1 New Macbooks!

So we promise this is food storage-related 😉 Both of our husbands have confinscated the “family” macintosh computers and we love using them to make our videos and graphics for our blog. So in our dream world we would each have our own brand new sparkling macbook (maybe even a macbook pro if we were REALLY lucky!)

What’s on YOUR wishlist this year?

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