Tweets of the Week: Nov. 30 – Dec. 6, 2008

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Here are some tips and cool sites we were talking about on twitter this week

Really interesting video showing the process of harvesting your own wheat by hand. What a process! @ Diet Info Care

What do YOU want for Christmas? Visit OUR food storage Christmas wish list! Fun stuff. Christmas Wish List @ Food Storage Made Easy

Food storage neighborhood gift ideas. Cutest thing EVER! @ Everyday Food Storage

Making your own cheese! @ Utah Preppers Now that seems very ambitious to me. Not sure what to do if you can’t get fresh MILK though

How to Can Your Own Food in #10 Cans – They make it look so easy and not scary 😉 Another task we’ll have to try out! @ Safely Gathered In

“How to Make a 72 Hour Kit” @ 72 hour kit (Because you KNOW you need one!)

Storing leftover turkey … you KNOW you need to read this! @ Pantry Panel

We added a new babystep to Food Storage Made Easy! Comfort Foods This one is a fun one 🙂

Gifts for the food storage junkie (this post is fun and very well put together) @ Give LDS Gifts

Giving the gift of food storage in a unique (and VERY helpful way) @ Jordy Blog I love this idea.

Italian Whole Wheat Focaccia Crackers (doesn’t the title alone just make you HUNGRY?) @ Preparedness Matters

Trying this Tater Tot Casserole recipe for dinner @ Everyday Food Storage Using some of my 3 month supply foods and dried onion.

Another great Christmas gift idea (DRY SOUP MIXES!) Check it out. @ All About Food Storage I totally want to try these, if I do I’ll post pics!

New post at Food Storage Made Easy “What is a Tweet?” @ Food Storage Made Easy Welcome to all our new twitter friends!

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