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We have been asked a lot recently how to buy food at good prices. There are so many resources out there for you to look at. These types of resources tend to be somewhat “local” in that they do the research and work for you and tell you what the great deals are at local stores. If the sites we recommend aren’t local to where you are, don’t be afraid to google things like “how do I buy groceries on sale blog, your state” or something… We have already told you about The Obsessive Shopper in our BabyStep 3 posts. By using her GrocerySmarts system you maximize your savings by combining sale prices with coupons.

Another approach we have come across recently is a subscription site called My Food Storage Deals. Each method has the same goal: save you money on groceries, but there are a few key difference between the two systems. We thought we would share this option with you as you may find that it suits you better. The following information is from their website:

It’s easy! With a membership to My Food Storage Deals, you will have access to all five of the major grocery stores’ weekly deals. We will compare grocery store prices to “warehouse” prices and help you know which items are Great, Good & Okay Deals. We will tell you when to stock up on items, which items to add to your food storage, give you helpful food storage ideas, weekly recipes, coupon helps and other fun tips.

Upgrade your membership to a Meal Planner Membership and we will send you a complete meal planner and grocery list EACH week to make meal planning easy! Your weekly meals will be created around the items on sale each week. This guarantees you are feeding your family at the best prices possible.

My Food Storage Deals

Bonus Gift for Food Storage Made Easy readers: The My Food Storage Deals basic membership is normally $6.95 per month and advanced membership is $9.95 but we have a deal for you! Enter the promo code FREE TRIAL and receive 2 weeks free as well as a discounted price of $4.95 & $7.95 a month after the trial. They also offer gift certificates for the memberships. It’s not too late to add that to your Wish List!

So to sum up, for those of you who HATE coupons, this is a pretty good option. If you like to have your meals planned out for you then the advanced membership could be a great option. If you aren’t intimidated by coupons however, we feel like The Obsessive Shopper’s method using GrocerySmarts can really maximize your savings. So, whatever works for you go with it. With just a little planning you can really save a lot of money on your weekly grocery bill, become more on top of your meal planning, and free up more money to go towards purchasing long term food storage items.

Please leave us a comment if you try out this service or if you are already using it. We’d love to know how it is working for you.

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